Shocker: Karen Nyamu Should go Back to Smoking Weed Opinion

Karen Nyamu

Social media has once again erupted all over Karen Nyamu after she made serious allegations that her boyfriend Samidoh was beating her up.


Shocker: Karen Nyamu Should go Back to Smoking Weed Opinion

In response, A Kenyan on Twitter has allegedly advised her to go back to smoking weed due to the pressures on her relationship with benga musician Samidoh. The user claims that the only solution to a bitter relationship is weed.

She was spotted smoking weed back in the days after she lost her women’s representative seat to Esther Passaris.

Her campaign slogan was “Bae wa Nairobi”, meaning Nairobi’s sweetheart, as she charmed her way into the hearts of the Nairobi electorate. She was grabbing blog headlines, to say the least, and she once stopped a press conference just to fix her makeup.

Nyamu who holds a master’s degree and runs Njeri Nyamu and company Advocates is grabbing headlines once again after she was pictured partaking in a ‘puff, puff, pass’ marijuana session.

Karen Nyamu

She is currently pregnant with Samido’s child.

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