Samidoh Beat Me Up, Karen Nyamu Reveals All Across Social Media(Video)


Samidoh: Karen Nyamu has left many with mixed reactions after going live on her Instagram page accusing her baby daddy, Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh of brutally beating her up.


According to Karen, they had an altercation which ended up to a fight. Karen has vowed to report Samidoh first thing tomorrow morning. She has also revealed that she is three months pregnant with Samidoh’s child.

Karen has gone ahead claiming Samidoh has no right to beat her up because they are not even married and he is only the father of her children. She also claims he has no right to ask about her whereabouts.

Many have been left with many questions than answers where they have gone ahead asking whether the two are still dating even after Samidoh apologized to his wife and the fans.

Many have condemned the action taken by Samidoh where they have been left asking why would he beat a pregnant woman just because of a misunderstanding.

Many have gone ahead urging Karen Nyamu to report the incident to the nearest police station so that he can be a lesson to other violent men planning to beat up their wives.

Chaos Erupt At Kemeloi Boys High School Following Transfer of Their Principal

Last week,we had highlighted the peaceful demonstration that had been held by students of Kemeloi Boys High School in Nandi where students had protested over the transfer of their Principal Mr.Kimosop.He had been transferred to Samoei Boys Secondary School.

The peaceful demo seemed to have been eggs which were later to be hatched.The students had embarked on their normal learning before the normalcy being averted yesternight at around 10 pm culminating into chaos.

Students who had just completed their evening preps came out of their classes breathing fire before vandalising school property.

The students who were demanding for the revocation of their principal’s transfer to Bungoma High School vowed never to embark on their usual studies unless their Principal’s transfer is recalled.

As if the destruction of the school property was not enough,the angry students broke out of the school compound and thronged the streets of the neighboring Kemeloi Market where they brought down Signposts and anything they came across.

The students also attempted to break into pubs with an attempt to steal alcoholic drinks but their efforts were futile. The area residents in an attempt to intervene to secure their property from destruction,had to scamper for safety after students started pelting stones on them.Roofs of their houses were also not spared as they suffered the humiliation of the huge stones.

Police officers from Kemeloi Police Post which is 200 metres from the school had to untervene where they shot on the air to scare away the young teens,who ran helter skelter back to the school.

However,after a short period they retreated,hurling stones at the security officers.Having been overwhelmed,reinforcement of security officers was sent from Kobujoi Police Post who came in handy throwing teargas carnisters at the rioting students.

At around 0000 hours,the officers had managed the situation and restored calmness.However,several students in an attempt to escape the wrath of the police,had to spent the nights in thick bushes,the night being chilly following rains that had been earlier been experinced in the area.

Upto the time this article was being published,security officers were still in the school compound manning the students.

Their Principal Mr Kimosop was first transferred to Samoei Boys before the decision was overturned and later transferred to Bungoma Highschool.

The principal is said to have been at the school for only three years thus students felt it was too early for the transfer to be effected.They also claimed that they loved their principal so much and would never give in in what they termed as demanding for their rights.

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