Deadly Accident on Mombasa Road This Morning


Motorists are always asked to be careful on the roads every morning and evening during rush hour. This is because this is the time that many accidents happen on our Kenyan roads that have led to many loss of lives.

There is minimal to none visibility on Mombasa Road this morning. Motorists are unable to see far ahead because of dust that is rising on the busy road, leaving Motorists disadvantaged.

This is what has led to a terrible accident this morning at Olesereni on Mombasa Road. The accident has seen several people seriously injured but we have not yet received report of a casualty.

The accident involved a trailer that has collided with a Toyota Wish on the busy highway. The fact that it’s hard to see properly on this highway, means that it’s now prone to accidents.

We urge drivers to be careful on Mombasa Road to avoid any such accidents. Police are already on site and the mess is slowly being cleared.

Another Road Accident As Lorry Looses Brakes Rammes Into 11 Vehicles Plus A Parastatal Prado

Another road accident has been reported at Karai as lorry looses brakes and rammes into 11 vehicles plus a parastatal Prado.

Nairobi County Police Commander James Abdi who confirmed the incident said the accident happened on Monday afternoon, August 9.

The accident took place after the lorry that was heading to Gikomba market suffered brake failure and rammed into vehicles that were stuck in a traffic snarl-up at the Karai Road.

No casualties were reported during the afternoon accident apart from damages.

The police boss added that the afternoon accident has paralyzed the transport system along the busy road as the security officers try to control it for almost two hours.

Several vehicles have been damaged including a parastatal Toyota prado, according to police reports.

Meanwhile, James urged the members of the public to observe traffic rules while plying the busy routes within Nairobi County and its environment.

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