Tragedy: Woman Detained For Killing Her Husband

Tragedy in Kilungu sub-county, Makueni county. A middle-aged woman has been detained.

Going by the reports, “the woman killed her husband. And dumped the body, a few kilometers from their matrimonial home in Thoma village, Kola area.”

According to the police, the woman killed her husband two weeks ago. But the body has been recovered today. To make the matter worse, the police officers have only recovered; the skull and bones of the deceased.

Mr. Joseph Ole Napeiyan, the County police commissioner, has reacted to these allegations. According to him, It seems, the rest of the body was eaten by dogs.

Mr. Ole has also stated, the machete and shovel used to kill the deceased have been confiscated. They will be used as evidence before the court.

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Children Did The Unthinkable To 86 Years Old Daddy From Kiambu In Forest At Night Due To Land

The land is one of the important factors of production in the world that has become a center of controversies and conflicts in our modern society, causing so many deaths. This is because it is becoming inadequate due to its fixed nature yet the population is increasing.

86 Years Old granny identified by his nickname as Kunene from Limuru constituency, Kiambu county in the former Central province for example is the latest to fall victim of this atrocity. Driven by the greed of cash, his own brothers and kids working together, picked him from his home at night and took him to the thickest of Kinare forest where they abandoned him to die so that they can sell his one-acre ground.

According to a local or rather resident, the man was living lonely in total poverty since the death of his wife about five years ago. “Children disappeared to Nairobi and they don’t come home to check on him,” He said. “May he receives lord’s mercy.” He added, appealed to the youths and young generation to take responsibility of their aged parents to get blessings.

Fortunately, however, Kunene has been rescued by a group of activist-led by Njeri Wa Migwi and he is now in good hands.

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