Fatal Accidents Reported This Morning: Must Read

Nasty Accident in Thika Superhighway as Four Vehicles Involved in a Collision

This morning, there have been too many accidents on the Nairobi City roads. It’s still unclear what is causing all this mayhem on the roads this morning with several people injured on the roads.

It’s reported that a major traffic jam starts from Githurai all the way to Kasarani on the busy Thika Superhighway. Motorists have been stuck on that section of the road for a while now.

It turns out that this has been caused by a major accident on the road. At Githurai, four vehicles have been involved in a Collision near a car wash.

Eyewitnesses say it’s a Probox, a Unified Poa bus, a lorry, and a Toyota Vitz on the highway. It’s still unclear if there are any Casualties or serious injuries from the early morning accident.

Motorists have been advised to approach this section of the road with a lot of care. Emphasis has been laid on using the service lane as you enter Githurai on your way from Thika.

Accident Along Waiyaki Road as a Matatu Knocks Down Pedestrians

As Kenyans woke up for their daily hustles, sad news has emerged as a matatu knocked down pedestrians along one of the busy roads in the Capital City of Nairobi critically injuring them.

This comes after rising cases of accidents within the CBD after a matatu recently rolled along the globe cinema roundabout injuring many passengers aboard.

The Ministry of Transport had recently warned drivers to take caution when driving to curb unnecessary deaths and injuries along major roads as human safety should be the priority. According to reports, this accident occurred in the early morning hours along 87, Waiyaki way injuring two pedestrians on the way.

The construction of the Nairobi Expressway, which is ongoing within the Capital City, has made it difficult for drivers to beat the early morning traffic and has limited the streets meant for pedestrians, making it difficult for Nairobi to maneuver them make their way in and out of the CBD.

Early Morning Deadly Accident at Mama Lucy Hospital along Kangundo Road

Motorists are advised to be extra careful during rush hour to avoid any unnecessary accidents. There have been several accidents witnessed this morning because of the rush for people to get to their various points of employment.

There has been a terrible accident on Kangundo Road this morning. The accident involved several cars on the busy Kangundo road exactly at Mama Lucy Hospital.

The accident involved two Personal cars and a matatu that seems to have plowed into each other. The injured have been evacuated to the nearest hospital on that road which is Mama Lucy Hospital.

These accidents are totally avoidable if all drivers obey traffic rules at all times. The matatu industry especially has to make sure that they adhere to these rules since they carry many lives.

What has been witnessed across the Nairobi Roads this morning is a disgrace. Accidents almost on every major Highway across the city are not something to be proud of.

Fatal Accident Involving Two Toyota Vitz on Kiambu Road Last Night

Motorists are always urged to ensure that they are extra careful on our Kenyan roads to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Loss of lives on our roads has become so common that It’s easy to pinpoint the exact cause of these accidents.

Driving carefully and within the recommended speeds will be the difference between life and death. Ensure that you drive safely at all times to not get caught up in situations like these where there’s loss of precious life.

Yesterday night, there was a fatal Toyota Vitz accident on Kiambu Road. The accident saw several victims lose their lives in an instant in the accident that happened around 10.45 PM.

It’s still unclear what caused the accident that saw several lives lost in the blink of an eye. Drivers, especially if you’re driving at night are implored to ensure some level of decorum on the road.

It’s still not yet known how many victims were in the two vehicles when the accident happened. Drive safely and keep it here for more traffic updates.

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