Shock as MPESA Agent Scammed of 150,000 Shillings Threatens to Commit Suicide

mpesa agent

MPESA Agent Scammers : Over the recent past, cases of scammers doing their best to rob Kenyans of their hard-earned money have been on the rise. MPESA agents have borne the brunt of these scammers as they take away hundreds of thousands of shillings every day.

The scammers have come up with new ways to rob the MPESA agents of their float without raising suspicion. Police have tried to crack down on this vice but the thugs always seem to be a step ahead of the law.

One MPESA agent from Kabarnet Town saw their entire float disappear after a character conned them on Friday night. The conmen made away with the entire float which was 150,000 Kenya shillings.

The MPESA agent was left with little to do but cry and lament their woes to the bystanders who were of little help. The MPESA agent even threatened that they will commit suicide but the money had already been gone.

We urge MPESA agents to be careful with the people they let in on their shops and the information they share with them. Police are also urged to step in a crackdown on this vice that has robbed hardworking Kenyans of millions.

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