I want a “Sponsor” With a Big Behind, Drives V8, Famous Artist Shocks Fans



An upcoming Gengetone artiste took to the streets of Nairobi in search of a wealthy and well-endowed woman to be his sponsor. In the poster that the young artist carried says “I am looking for a sponsor. Qualifications; big woman with a big behind, driving a big car with a V8 engine.” His poster reads.

Well-positioned around the Nairobi national archives, the unconcerned artiste who identified himself as Magbee was carrying a placard with his requirements as he walked around the busy town.

Speaking to the media, the upcoming artiste said he has been forced to make the move due his difficult financial status after Covid-19 ravaged the entertainment industry.

“Brokeness, the economy is bad. I am expected to pay house bills but I am unemployed without money. I am an artist, I have produced songs and a video shoot is 25,000″ he said.

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Manzi wa Kibera has left her fans mouths open after she allegedly confessed that she has upgraded to 900k kenya shillings for one night stand for any man willing to engage in intimate moments with her.

She has added that she will charge 10k for any man who would want to touch her. Her move elicited many reactions as her fans posed many questions to her but they were all left unanswered. The fans were seen asking what was the money for? Others are seen asking whether she has opted to be a ‘prostitute’. They are also seen asking what is more special in her that is not there in other women. These were some of their compliments:

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