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Loki Imagines

Loki Imagines

Lokixreader. Loki imagines, but with more parts 🙂 Will mostly contain fluff, happy emotions, and little adventures with the god of mischief we love. The imagines will contain 3 parts and an extra Loki Imagine. I am totally open to requests, so feel free to leave a comment!

Loki Imagines Part 1/3

Tony patted me on the shoulder. “So I know you are the new one and what I am asking you is not an easy task, but …” “I can do it”, I said confidently. Tony looked at me and I gave him a reassuring smile. “Just be careful. He is called silver-tongue after all.” “And I am an Avenger. A new one, yes, but you didn’t get me to join the team for nothing, right?” I took a few steps towards the door. “I will go now.” Tony nodded. “Say when you brought him back to his cell.” “Of course.” I smiled again and walked into the interrogation room. As Tony said, Loki sat in the middle of the room, chained up and his hands behind his back. His head went up and he looked at me with shimmering eyes. “Ah, it’s you”, Loki said. “Yes”, I responded. “The new one.” I closed the door behind me and tilted my head.

I wasn’t sure if that was just an assessment or an insult. His eyes were really darting though … something in my guts moved. I knitted my brows and shook that feeling off. Didn’t need that in my first interrogation as an Avenger. “So …”, I said while pulling a stool in front of him and sitting down, “why did you attack our basement? What did you hope to find?” Loki smirked. “That is all the Avengers had to offer? A scared girl trying to interview me?” “I am a woman”, I hissed. “And I am interrogating you.” Loki looked pleased with himself. He chuckled. “Go on then.”

I swallowed my anger. I would not get distracted by his eyes, his almost wavy black hair, and his tight leather outfit … Loki raised a brow. I stood up and walked behind him. “You … will tell me what you wanted here.”

I smiled. I could do this. “What you searched. Whatever your desire was.” My finger slid over his shoulder, enough pressure for him to feel through the leather. He said nothing, but his face seemed to change a bit. “Desire?”, Loki asked. Was his voice a little deeper? And were there butterflies in my stomach? I couldn’t help but notice the goosebumps tingling down my spine. “Yes”, I said.

I bend over and put my head over his shoulder. “Tell me.” Loki turned his head a bit and our cheeks touched for a moment. He felt pleasantly cold. I heard our breathing as we both waited for what happened next. After a way too long second I pulled my head back. Damn it, he was supposed to feel like that! Not me! Or were we both feeling it? “So, what was your question again?”, he asked.

I smiled a little. “You have trouble to remember?” “No”, he said and his eyes went darker as he got angry. “Why do the Avengers keep you anyway? There is nothing special about you. What are you? The maid?” My smile ended abruptly. But it came back soon. “I am a demigod.” Lokis head jerked up. “Oh. Of whom?” I looked away. “My mother is not known. I had a few … childhood issues because of it. My dad was never really there for me too.”

Loki looked at the ground. I could see him thinking a lot. He glanced at me and looked away again. “I … can relate to that.” “Tony said I might be a greek demigod!”, I blurted out. “Greek?!”, Loki asked. His face was a mix of different levels of confusion. “Tell me.” </p>

Imagines Part 2/3

“Yes, greek”, I answered proudly. “But since I don’t know my mom, I think she is a goddess who has claimed virginity and, well, made me nevertheless. So it’s a secret. My dad never talks about it … he doesn’t like to be reminded of me being his daughter.” Loki examined me. “Do you feel welcome here?” “As a member of the Avengers?”, I asked. He nodded slightly. “Well of course”, I said a bit too fast. “I mean, I often carry out the trash, and am stuck here while they go on missions. But as the new one, I have to make the paperwork, right?”

I tried my best to smile. “I … I like them.” Loki furrowed his brows. “You are a whole demigod and you do the paperwork?” “Yes, but they say it is justified -” “What can you do?”, he interrupted me. I stared at him. What did he mean? “My superpowers?”, I asked carefully. “Yes”, Loki answered. “They aren’t that special”, I mumbled. He rolled his eyes. “Just show me.” “Well – okay. Okay!” I was happier than I expected as I lifted my hands. I created two power fields in the air.

They almost looked like water, a bit blurry and with little movements the air made. I levitated the stool standing between me and Loki and let the two fields crush it between them. I kept the pieces in the air, made a third power field in the middle of them, and hurled the pieces against the walls. I let the fields disappear and looked shyly to the ground. “That’s what I do.” Loki stared at me. “That was amazing. A little training and you will become a powerful sorcerer.” “Really?”, I asked delightedly. “I mean … yeah.” It was hard to hide my excitement.

I started to notice that none of the Avengers said that to me before. I had amazing powers. Loki smiled a bit. “You should have someone better to teach you.” I narrowed my eyes. Did he just say he would …? My thoughts were interrupted as Tony came in. “Hey, (y/n), lunch is ready. Get Loki back in his cell, then eat with us. You can continue later.” I glanced between him and Loki. “Sure”, I said, but I felt hollow inside.

I stepped behind Loki, then Tony left. I looked at the lock Lokis hands were chained up with. I carried the key to open it. “Didn’t you hear him? Come on, put me back into my cell”, Loki said and chuckled. He even wiggled a bit on his chair and spread his hands in my direction. “Now don’t make fun of me, I am still interrogating you”, I protested while laughing. I grabbed his hands and pulled him onto his feet. “Ouch”, he said.

I probably pulled him a bit fast. “Oh, is someone sensitive?”, I grinned. “More than you know”, he responded smirking. That made me blush. He looked like he liked that. I pushed him to the door to accompany him to his cell. With every step, the key on my belt tapped against my leg. As if it tried to persuade me.

Loki Imagines Part 3/3

We went through the door into the hallway. It was empty, every Avenger who wasn’t on a mission ate lunch. I walked closely behind Loki and heard our steps echo with the walls. “Tony is here, Natasha and Steve. The others are on missions”, I said. My voice sounded miserable as if I tried to fill a whole sports hall with it. “Hm”, Loki responded, a little unsure what to say. “Yeah”, I said. He threw a careful look over his shoulder. I saw the door at the end of the hallway coming closer. His cell. “Could … could we go a little slower?”, I asked.

A notion flashed over his face and his steps slowed down. We became slower and slower until we stood in the hallway, just five meters away from the door. “I mean … magic is a powerful thing”, I said. He nodded. “Strong enough to take out three Avengers.” One second of silence went by. The key slowly stopped tapping on my belt. Loki turned around and I ripped the key off my belt. “Promise me to not leave me alone!”, I said. “Promise me to stay with me”, Loki responded. “You have my promise”, I whispered. He looked at me. “You have mine.”

I jumped behind him, but the key into the lock and burst open. “Quick!”, I almost screamed. An alarm went off and the hallway was flamed with red light. “We need to find a window!”, I shouted. “A window?”, he asked. “Yes! I know what I am doing!” “Never denied that!” We both started sprinting down the hallway in the other direction. Natalie and Tony burst out a door. “(Y/n), what are you doing?”, Natasha said. “Yeah, what are you doing?!”, Tony followed. “Nothing”, I screamed while running towards them. Half a second I was afraid but then I created a power field that threw the two against the wall. I regretted not carrying any weapons with me and concentrated again.

I felt the pieces of the stool flowing towards me under the door slot of the interrogation room. “I am sorry, that will be a little chaotic!”, I said to Loki who was running next to me. “Don’t worry, that’s what I am best at!” He summoned two daggers and threw them at Natasha and Tony who adapted to the situation and started to catch up. I threw a look over my shoulder and let the pieces of the wood dart through the air around them. I didn’t really want to hurt them, but I absolutely had to distract them. I heard Tony activate his Iron Man suit and created another power field to let him crash into the wall once again. I heard him curse and now just Natasha was following is. “There we are!”, Loki shouted as we burst through the door in a well-lit room with big windows.

loki Imagines

Steve sat on a couch and watched TV as he threw his head around to watch us run to the windows like the maniacs we were. “What the -“, he started. “Language!”, I responded. Natasha almost flew through the door ready to fight us, but Loki had a plan. He created an illusion to make Steve look like him and Natasha gave Steve a full punch on the nose. Loki chuckled as we reached the windows. “What now?”, he asked. “Trust me!”, I shouted. I held Loki by the waist and pushed us through the window. He started to scream as we fell and started to cling to me as his life depended on it. Like it probably did. I used our velocity and my power fields to keep us in the air.

We flew through the city and looked a little bit like a giant, screaming pigeon. “(Y/N)!”, Loki screeched. “Is this the first time you are doing this?!” “Nope, the second!”, I said. Loki chose to scream again as we almost hit a skyscraper. I clenched my teeth and looked after a flat rooftop to land on. One minute passed before we landed. We rolled onto the roof and Loki coughed. I took deep breaths. “We have to get out of here fast”, I gasped. Loki looked at me. “You … are mad.” “Possibly”, I grinned. “Now tell me. What is your evil plan to take over the world?”

Loki and Sylvie + Thor Imagines /AUs

Sylvie didn’t have any siblings in her timeline, so it’s a new experience when she finally meets Thor and he immediately packs bonds with her and goes into a full brother in law/big brother mode. He engulfs her in these huge hugs and Sylvie is both annoyed and endeared by it. Loki tells her she’ll get used to it while wearing a slightly fond smile.

Thor is very accepting of the whole thing. It’s a bit hard to wrap his head around the concept of variants at first. He finds it strange because he catches glimpses of ways that Sylvie is like his brother, but she’s also different in so many ways. Ultimately, Thor is just happy Loki has found someone to love who has encouraged him to change for the better, even if he does subject Loki to endless teasing about it ‘turning him soft.’

loki imagines

Thor hears Sylvie’s backstory and is very moved by it. Thor is more than happy to tell Sylvie all the stories. He tells her about all of his and Loki’s misadventures and battles. He tells her about DB Cooper and the snake story and all the tricks his brother pulled when they were kids. He tells her the sweet stories, the scary ones, the funny ones, and of course. the embarrassing ones. Loki is mortified but Sylvie loves it. He also tells her about Asgard, about all the things that she’s forgotten. Both Thor and Loki promise to find a way to take her back there someday.

At some point, Thor is a ways off when he calls Mjollnir to him. Loki happens to be directly in its path and on purely reactive instinct he accidentally catches it. He stares down at it for a moment and goes “huh” before tossing it in the direction it was going. He doesn’t mention it because he manages to honestly convince himself it was an illusion of some kind. After all, Sylvie had been practicing. “Ha! Good one Sylvie!” he calls into the air. Sylvie isn’t there.

Thor convinces Sylvie to do “get help” except when the moment comes Sylvie is the one that throws Thor. Loki laughs for a whole hour.

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