Gikomba Fires Truth: History and Causes of The Fires

Gikomba fires

Gikomba fires: Gikomba Market is on fire again! This morning the people of Kenya woke up to the shocking news that the Gikomba market was on fire again. This has sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans who have been answering questions about how often the fire is destroying one of the country’s largest markets.

While we wait for answers as to what exactly causes the fire, Traders in the market account for the losses in the millions after their fire burned down their buildings and destroyed important property. Today’s fire, which started at 12:30 on Friday morning, has engulfed large businesses near the Molo Line area also known as the Gulf.

Affected Areas in Gikomba

Affected vendors stocking women’s goods in the area were unable to rescue anything from the fire pit at night. On Friday, August 6, a fire also engulfed at least four residential apartments.


Residents of Molo Line were also forced to spend the night in the cold after an inferno fire engulfed buildings that they have been calling for decades. Firefighters from the Nairobi regional department were at the scene trying to set fire to a critical part of the market.

In June 2020, interior manager Karanja Kibicho visited Gikomba after a fire engulfed businesses in the market. He promised that the government would compensate traders who lost property in the fire. UPS Kibicho has also announced that the government will launch a formal investigation into the fires that appear to be plaguing the market from time to time.

” Gikomba Market leaders at the ACC office after inspecting the damage caused by the blaze last night. The government has promised to find a permanent solution to the problem, “read a statement from the Interior Ministry.

The blaze engulfed a number of unidentified buildings in the grain and ‘pods’ market at Gikomba market near the COTU offices in Nairobi on June 25, 2020.

Traders fought a blazing fire during the early hours of the morning as they tried to rescue their property, but to no avail. “The fire started across the COTU offices and spread to the fish market. As it is we have lost everything. There are also burnt houses but fortunately, no one was injured. They all managed to escape, ”one of the market vendors told the media.

Residents of Old Racecourse Estate, Kariokor, went into the dark following the incident, and Kenya Power opted to pack power lines in the area. “The mainline is under control because of the Gikomba incident. Power will be restored immediately,” wrote Kenya Power. Several such incidents have wreaked havoc on popular markets over the years, sometimes leading to death.

Cause of Fires

Nairobi MP Johnson Sakaja had previously commented on the matter, citing the main reason for the Gikomba fire. The Senator, who spoke in an interview with Radio Citizen, said there were three possible reasons why the market was always on fire. He went on to describe these opportunities.

Gikomba fires : LAND GRABBERS

The Senator said, first of all, the fire is started by those who want to seize the market, who think they have local titles. “They set fire to the market with the intention of moving traders.

Gikomba fires
Gikomba Fires Truth: History and Causes of The Fires

I want to inform them that, President and I have agreed that if a person has a title deed to the Gikomba market, they should use that paper to do something else and not want any part of the market because it belongs to the public and does not belong to anyone, ”said Sakaja.

He said the second reason for the fires in the market was that the vendors themselves were behind it. “Some of those traders set fire to the area to be compensated by insurance after they were unable to restart,” he said. The third reason, he said, happened by accident. He gave an example of how families on most of the streets sleeping in the market light a fire to keep themselves warm and sometimes they can stop and the fire spread by accident.


Sakaja’s remarks come days after Home Affairs Secretary-General Karanja Kibicho said the frequent fire incidents in the Gikomba market were deliberate arson. Sakaja also said he had never received a report of a fire that happened back in 2018 that left 18 people dead and 70 others injured.

“As you know, my job as parliament is to file an inquiry. I am not the initiator, that is their job, ”he said. In 2018, Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti was asked by the Senator to investigate an area where locals say it first appeared in four places inside a wide log yard, in what he said was a “case of arson.”

It was not the first time that DCI had been asked to investigate Gikomba’s “mysterious” fires that now appear to have a pattern. Towards the end of 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the DCI to investigate another incident, but in the months that followed, nothing was found.

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