Ezekiel Mutua Biography: Family, Age, Salary, CV, Contacts, Twitter, Facebook, Wife and Family

Ezekiel Mutua is the head of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB). An organization operating under the Government of Kenya that is mandated to “regulate the creation, distribution, management, distribution and distribution of films in a balanced manner.

The Board was established in 1963 with the introduction of the rules set out in the Films and Stage Plays Act of 1962 and has since been involved in the rating and classification of films and television programs.

Recently, it has sparked controversy over the ban on several films, such as the success of the American box office, The Wolf of Wall Street, the Kenyan film News of Our Lives, Rafiki, and the 2015 film “Fifty Shades of Gray *” in a novel with the same name. The board also controls TV commercials.

Ezekiel Mutua

Ezekiel Mutua “Deputy Jesus”

Ezekiel Mutua has disputed the title of “Deputy Jesus” on Twitter claiming that the name is not only blasphemous but also humorous.

Ezekiel Mutua has issued a stern warning to Kenyans who called him “Deputy Jesus”.

Given that Mutua often urges Kenyans and artists to adhere to high moral standards, the KFCB manager is dubbed ‘Jesus’ deputy’ and the title has offended him.

In March, Mutua, who had been criticizing what he called the artists’ misconduct, ordered comedian Eric Omondi to dismantle the controversial Life Material program, which was broadcast on social media. Omondi, the self-proclaimed president of African comedy, was arrested on suspicion of sexually explicit episodes of Life Material, in which a well-behaved police officer misled young people.

Mutua said the funny man found himself on the wrong side of the law for allegedly violating the provisions of the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 of the Kenyan Constitution.

In another case in 2020, the media banned a Hindu gay film that was to be screened in Kenyan cinemas.

A government official said the film titled Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan was worse than any other film the board had previously banned and noted that it was clearly trying to legalize same-sex marriage and unconstitutional marriage.

“Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya. In addition, Kenya is a God-fearing nation that puts a lot of money into the family, which is a centre from a union between two people of the opposite sex,” he said.


Ezekiel Mutua’s Wife and Marriage

Dr Ezekiel Mutua is married to the beloved Jane Mutua and they have two sons. Jane is not only beautiful but also a very active woman. She works as an education advisor on child protection worldwide and previously worked as an education specialist with UNICEF Kenya.

Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) Drs. Ezekiel Mutua is a tough man who, when it comes to disciplining what is shared by the community, speaks out and thinks which is why people are always vigilant.

Ezekiel is married to his college sweetheart Jane Mutua, they met at Kenyatta University, where they were studying for their first degree and never looked back.

Mutua is a man with a family and always praises his wife for not only being beautiful but also saying she is smart and very bright, doing her High school education in Kenya high school and cleaning As. He now works as a director at an NGO.


Jane Mutua and Dr Ezekiel Mutua are blessed with two children, Brian McKenzie and Joe Bagi. Brian is in college and Joe is a Class Eight student at Riara Group of Schools.

Mutua’s age

The KFCB manager was born 55 years ago in Kaloleni, Rock. She is the fifth born in a family of 11 children. His father was a traditional drinker:

“My father brewed Karibu, the Kamba traditional liquor. He was Kaloleni’s finest, and his Karubu brought imbibers – from all walks of life – to his joint. A customer noticed my aptitude and told my father, “Tomorrow this one should go to school,” said Ezekiel Mutua.


According to a returning source, he is said to be earning more than 2 million Ksh Monthly.

Back in 2020, he made it clear that he was paying taxes worth KSH 400k.

Weeks ago, Eric Omondi promised to give Ezekiel Mutua 750k

The comedian then told Dr Mutua that he was willing to pay him Sh750,000 for the good work he had done for him.

“I totally agree with you, sir. It is the largest market in the country and the fact that doing it for free makes you completely unprepared. You individually market my Studios and offices by calling them brothels. Something that would have cost me millions of dollars to do. Please send me your official invoice. I promise you (and you can rely on my word) I will pay you a total of Sh750,000 if you pay me the invoice. #PayEzekielMutua #PayInfluencers. ”

Ezekiel Mutua Contacts

It is not safe for a person’s personality to expose contacts on social media for obvious reasons. But you can contact him via Facebook, Twitter, his Linkedin profile or via his Instagram. Here are your contacts on social media.

Ezekiel Mutua Contacts

it’s not safe for a public personality to disclose his contacts on social media for obvious reasons. But you can contact him via his Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin profile or even his Instagram. Here are his contacts on social media.

You can also contact his office via:

MUTUA Ezekiel

P.O. Box 8053-00300

Nairobi, Kenya.

Tel (*landline*): 254-02-340339

Direct: 254-020-312163

Cell: 254-722-737766


Facebook profile


Twitter profile



Ezekiel Mutua Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Here is Ezekiel Mutua’s CV.

Curriculum Vitae

MUTUA Ezekiel
P.O. Box 8053-00300
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel (landline): 254-02-340339
Direct: 254-020-312163
Cell: 254-722-737766
Email: emutua@information.go.ke

Personal & Career Information
I am a career media person having risen through the ranks, on merit, from a trainee reporter (1994) to a sub-editor (1998) at the Nation Media Group, the leading media house in East and Central Africa, to become the Secretary General of Kenya Union of Journalists and now the Director of Information and Publication Communications. Besides holding a degree in Sociology and Linguistics from Kenyatta University, I scaled up my grasp of the media over the years by enrolling in diverse institutions including Cairo University, Egypt (2002), DT University of London (1999) and variously between 1995 and 1999 at the United States International University-Africa (USIU).

At one point previously, I had served as a marketing research officer for the Nation Media Group, the largest circulating newspaper in East and Central Africa, where I supervised a re-engineering project for the paper in Eastern Province, and Maryknoll Institute of African Studies as a research assistant. I have also had a stint as a secondary school teacher specialising in Kiswahili, English and Literature.

At personal as well as professional level, I have a wealth of experience in competency-based skills, including strategic thinking, administration, people-management, networking and government relations and programs interfacing within the broad media arena. Having been at the forefront in a number of media activities, I am well equipped with hands-on skills as well as insights into media planning, strategic information management and message channelling.

Over the years, while working with or contributing to a cross-section of media-based initiatives, for private sector and government projects, quasi-government programs or international projects, I have had my team-working/team-building and interpersonal skills exposed, refined and empowered to resonate well with the demands of the diverse and intricate challenges that inform media operations and the wider journalism spectre.

My ultimate aspiration is to build on the wealth of experience at my disposal, while re-energising my passion for the pursuit of excellence in media-related practices as I work towards, and inspire the delivery of best practices and excellence in every assignment I undertake.

Selected Relevant Experience

October 1st, 2007 to Date: Director of Information and Public Communications

This is the highest grade in the Public Communications and Information officer cadres. The Director is responsible to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communications for formulating, implementing and co-ordinating Information and Public Communication policies, strategies, programmes and significant events in the Public Service. Specific duties and responsibilities involve:
(i) advising the Permanent Secretary on Information and Public Communication issues;
(ii) co-ordinating research and development on emerging issues on Information and Public Communications;
(iii) monitoring information and public communications policies and programmes and reviewing them as appropriate;
(iv) preparing information and public communications reports/briefs;
(v) ensuring professional ethics and consistence in information gathering and dissemination in Ministries/Departments; and
(vi) Liaising with the Office of Public Communications on cross cutting issues that need to be centrally disseminated to the public.

June 2001 to September 2007: Secretary-General, Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ)

As the Secretary General, who within KUJ structures is effectively the CEO, I was in charge of the affairs of over 3,000 journalists based in Kenya and working for local media houses, international news agencies and bureaus as well as those working for private or NGO-type news agencies.

My charge was to ensure that press freedom, which is a key component of freedom of expression and democracy is upheld whilst ensuring that journalists and media practitioners in general adopt and follow the laid down code of ethics that guides their service delivery. As the head of KUJ I was in charge of media practitioners’ collective bargaining agreement negotiations, an involvement that negotiates the improvement of terms and conditions of service for journalists. In my position, I represent journalists in policy-making organs aimed at enhancing press freedom and the right of the public to know.

My office was also in charge of organising competence and professionalism-enhancement based training for journalists and media practitioners. The task of regulating and improving relations between employees and employers in the media arena, especially in respect to the welfare of journalists, came under my docket. Besides representing serving journalists in fora where matters of professionalism were being debated, it was my charge too to seek and make available legal advice on the range of matters related to their duties and responsibilities.

As KUJ overseer, I was directly charged as the liaison person between my organisation and its affiliates and associates worldwide. It is in this regard that I was and still am a member of the International Federation of Journalists, African Union of Journalists, Reporters without Borders, Human Rights Watch and the Committee to Protect Journalists. I also served in various task forces appointed by the Government for media policy formulation including a task force appointed by (then) Minister for Information and Tourism, Hon. Raphael Tuju in 2004 to probe the alleged use of vulgar language by FM radio stations, a special appointee of the Attorney General to work with the Law Reform Commission in fine-tuning the Media Council of Kenya Bill, and more recently participated in a committee of stakeholders appointed by the National Assembly to collate views on the Media Bill published by the Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Hon. Mutahi Kagwe and give recommendations on the way forward.

By virtue of being at KUJ, and having the latitude attendant to my responsibilities as Secretary General, I was involved in a number of strategic undertakings, among them;

a) 2004 to Date: A consultant offering media and PR expertise to the National Agency for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA)

b) 2003: Part-time lecturer, East Africa School of Journalism. Taught Media Law and Ethics.

c) 2002-4: Part-time lecturer, Kenya Polytechnic. Taught Journalism and Public Relations.

d) 2001 to Date: Resource person for the Kenya International Commission for Jurists (Kenya Chapter) on freedom of information and the right to know public meetings and workshops

e) May 2004 to Date: Chair to the Board of Kopiken, the Reproduction Rights Organisation of Kenya, a copyright lobby outfit operating under the aegis of the Kenya Copyright Board. This board comprises eminent persons including senior university professors and CEOs of various publishing institutions in the country.

1998-2001 Sub-Editor, Nation Media Group
Under the guidance of the Chief Sub-Editor, I was charged with selecting news items, copy-editing and page-layout. It was also my duty to select appropriate headlines for the pages assigned to me and on many and each occasion, I diligently served as a stone sub, thus taking overall responsibility for the editorial content of the paper.

1994-5 Trainee/Reporter, Nation Media Group
As a trainee reporter, I was attached to various sections in the editorial department where I was exposed to and trained on the dynamics of news gathering, processing and dissemination. I also undertook various in-house courses on typing, editing, page design and layout, media law and ethics as well as house style news processing for the Nation media titles.

While working as a reporter, I covered various news events in business, parliamentary and court proceedings as well as social and human-interest areas, under the guidance of the news editor. This, clearly, exposed me to the challenges of news-gathering and the dynamics thereof.

1994 (May-Sept) Marketing Assistant
I undertook market research and analysis, whose findings informed the re-engineering of Taifa Leo, the Swahili subsidiary of Nation newspapers in Eastern Province.

Educational/Training Background
Over and above my university qualifications from Kenyatta University’s School of Humanities & Social Sciences with BA (Sociology & Linguistics) – 1990-94, I hold the following additional qualifications:]

2002 Cairo University, Egypt
Undertook a certificate course and qualified for the award of Mass Communication.

1999 DT University of London
Studied Writer Certificate Course 101; DTI Pagination System on Macintosh Speed Writer.

1995-98 United States International University-Africa (USIU)
Undertook a series of courses leading to a certificate qualification in journalism specifically couched to impart skills on ‘Effective Journalism in a Changing World’.

Further Training/Qualifications
2004 Attended a seminar on Human Rights reporting held at Machakos by the Independent Medico-Legal Unit and the Kenya Union of Journalists. The theme was Media in Transition and its Role in Upholding Human Rights.
2003 Participated in a Human Rights reporting workshop held in Kericho by Amnesty International where I presented a paper on the Role of the Media as a Custodian of Human Rights.

2002 Participated in an international media-training course on Drug Abuse, Demand and Control sponsored by the United Nations International Drug Control Programme (UNIDC).

2000 Successfully completed the SGS-ICS training seminar entitled “Introduction to ISO 9000”.

Special Exposure in Media and Related Assignments


July 2007 Represented KOPIKEN at a WIPO sponsored conference on the sensitization of the new Uganda Copyright Act and presented a paper titled, ‘Managing printed works; the role and experience of Kopiken, the reproduction rights organization of Kenya. March 2007 Representative of KOPIKEN at a Copyright Senior Managers forum in Massachusetts, USA, and presented a paper on the challenges facing collective management societies in Africa.

June 2007 Presented a paper at BBC/Deutsche Welle radio on a journalism training course at the KCB Training College, Karen -Nairobi

June 2007 Participated in a committee appointed by the Kenya Anti-corruption Commission to investigate alleged corruption in media houses and recommend remedies. The sittings were held at the Kenya School of Law in Karen

May 2007 Participant in a committee of stakeholders appointed by the Clerk of the National Assembly to collate and harmonise views on the Media Bill 2007. The committee meetings were held at the Whitesands Hotel in Mombasa

2005 Consultant for the Society for International Development (SID) in the formulation of policies to address Gender, Education and Health Inequalities in Kenya.

2005 Delegate and a Member of the International Trade Centre and the Agency for International Trade Information and Corporation (AITIC) Forum and a Special Delegate to the WTO Ministerial Conference on Media and Business for Development Forum in Hong Kong from December 11-14, 2005.

2005 Delegate to the World Summit on Information Technology in Tunis, Tunisia, from November 16-18, 2005

2005 Participant in the 2005 INDABA and the Zimbabwe International Book Fair in Harare, Zimbabwe and chaired the 4th session on Intellectual Property and Copyright

2005 Participant in the Organisation Committee for the COP 7 Summit held in Nairobi and coordinated media and publicity through KUJ.

20 05 Appointed a Member of the IPI Congress and 54th General Assembly Host Committee.

2004 Participant in the Norwegian Independence Day celebrations and the 25th anniversary of the KOPINOR, Norway.    

2005 Presented a paper on “The Future of an Endangered Profession” at an Economic Commission for Africa workshop organized by FEMNET in Nairobi.

2004 Participant in the campaign to stage a heavyweight boxing championship bout between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Junior in Kenya: (a) Attended negotiations in New York and (b) Participated in the technical committee chaired by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism.

2004 Participant in the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisation (IFRRO)’s Annual General Meeting in Singapore.

2004 Chairman, “Road to Oslo” Committee for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai under the auspices of the Kenya Tourist Board. I coordinated the media and publicity campaigns on the significance of the award to peace and development in Kenya.

2003 Coordinated a media and publicity campaign for Mr. Hussein Farah Aideed’s Somali Presidential bid.

2003 Coordinated and headed a 5-member delegation of journalists on a visit to Beijing, China.

2003 Authored a concept paper assigned by the Communication Adviser for Eastern Africa- UNESCO on Media and Development; “A Concept Paper on Syndication Centre for Journalists in Kenya”

2003 Coordinated media and publicity activities for the launch of Rwanda Air Express in Kigali, Rwanda.

2003 Participated in the East African Economic Summit at the Carter Centre, USA and presented a paper on the role of the Media and Development in Africa. I was part of the Kenyan delegation comprising several ministers and high-ranking government officials and industry captains.

2001 Presented a paper at the 19th graduation ceremony for Young Journalists in Cairo, Egypt.

2001 Participated in an International Labour Organisation (ILO) National Training Workshop on Radio/Media campaign on the ILO declaration on elimination of Child Labour.

2000 Presented a paper at the National Convention for Black American Journalists in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

2005 I was a Member of the sitting Media Regulation Committee on the legislation of the Media Council of Kenya.
2005 Coordinator, media and publicity for American televangelist T.D. Jakes visit to Kenya in January and October.

2005 Coordinator, Regional Training Course on Human Rights Reporting with the funding of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Democracy, Sweden.

2005 Participant in a Regional Media Workshop on the Role and functions of the media in the operationalisation of the East African Secretariat sponsored by Kituo Cha Katiba

2005 Participant in the media and publicity committee for the AFRI-CITIES Summit

2004 Participant at a UNDP course on Social Artistry in Mombasa

2004 Presented a paper at the Donor Funding Group meeting at the British High Commission on state of the media and its role in the expansion of the democratic space in Kenya

2004 Coordinator, World Press Freedom Day celebrations with the funding of the Kenya Human Rights Commission

2004 Coordinated a media campaign on reporting of Children’s Rights under the guidance and funding of UNICEF through KUJ.

2004 Chair, organising committee for the Journalist of the Year Awards, 2004-2005

2004 Coordinator, mass media campaign on the promotion of IT with the funding of the African Regional Centre for Computing (ARCC) through KUJ.

2004 Coordinator, Media for Equity in Development campaign with the sponsorship of the African Population and Health Research Centre (APHRC) through KUJ.

2004 Coordinator, mass media campaign on the Safer Cities Programme with funding by UN-HABITAT and the City Council of Nairobi

2004 Participant in a panel established by the Minister for Information to probe the alleged use of vulgar language on Kenyan FM radio stations

2004 Participant at a Task Force established by the Minister for Local Government to probe allegations of child theft at Pumwani Maternity Hospital

2004 Participant, UNESCO consultative meeting on the IT policy in Kenya

2003 Coordinator, HIV/AIDS Media Training programme for Somali journalists in Mogadishu, Somalia, with funding by CIDA (CANADA).

2003-4 Campaigner, formulation of Freedom of Information Draft Bill presented to Parliament by the ICJ in conjunction with KUJ and other media stakeholders

2003 Chair, organising committee of the Journalist of the Year Awards 2003.

2003 Appointed by the Attorney General to work with the Law Reform Commission in fine-tuning the Media Council of Kenya Bill.

2003 Coordinator, nationwide Mass Media Campaign against drug abuse under the auspices of the National Agency for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA).

2002-03 Guest Speaker at various Law Society of Kenya meetings

2002 Led a 7-member delegation of the KUJ Governing Council to a meeting with then Leader of the Official Opposition in Parliament, Hon. Mwai Kibaki at Parliament Buildings, Nairobi, and discussed the role of the media in championing democratic changes in Kenya

2002 Participant in the establishment of the Media Council of Kenya.

2001-02 Leader, media campaign against the enactment of the Miscellaneous Amendment Bill 2002; organised meetings with Members of Parliament to sensitise them on the implications of the Bill, participated in the drafting of the Code of Ethics and the Practice of Journalism in Kenya and demonstrated the industry’s willingness and attempt to regulate itself.

2001-02 Participant in a British Council Management Programme and presented papers in Mombasa and Kisumu on the Role of the Media in Development

2001-02 Participant in various ICJ media training programmes and presented papers on the Role of Media in the Administration of Justice.

2001 Leader of a six-member delegation of the KUJ Governing Council to a discussion with then President Daniel Moi at State House, Nairobi and gave a presentation on Media and State relations

2001 Participant in the formation and launch of the Code of Conduct for the Practice of Journalism in Kenya.

2001 Chairman of the National Media Trust and participated in the organisation of the 2001 National Media Awards.

Selected Leadership Assignments

2004 Board Chairman, Kopiken (The Reproduction Rights Society of Kenya)

2004 A member of the Disaster Management Committee of the International
Committee of the Red Cross

2004 COTU Representative on the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) Reimbursement Levy Committee.

2003 Chairman, East Africa Journalists Association

2001 Secretary General, Kenya Union of Journalists

2001 Council Member, Media Council of Kenya

2000-01 Chairman, Nation Sacco Supervisory Committee

2000 National Chairman, Kenya Union of Journalists

1998 Secretary, Nation KUJ Chapel

1999 Chairman, Nation KUJ Chapel


Nominated for the award of the Man of the Year 2005 by the American Biographers Institute (ABI)

Awarded a Recognition Certificate by the Deliverance Church of Kenya for Exemplary Leadership in building peace and harmony in the country.

Awarded a Certificate of recognition by the East Africa School of Journalism for assisting in its establishment.

Interests and Hobbies

I enjoy reading books and journals that expand my knowledge of the media, information management, world affairs and politics. I like listening to speeches by leading world personalities and legends like Martin Luther King Jnr., Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II and Dr. Bill Graham.


  1. Mr Tom Mshindi
    Managing Director
    Monitor, Uganda
    P.O. Box 12141, Kampala- Uganda
    Email: tmshindi@monitor.co.ug
  2. Dr Wambui Kiai
    Director, School of Journalism
    University of Nairobi
    PO Box 30197-00100
    Tel 020 318262
    Mobile: 0733 734318
    Email: wamkiai@yahoo.com

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