Do Cats Dream and What Do Cats Dream About?


Do cats dream of catching pet rats or eating food? Do they have nightmares about being afraid of a bigger animal? Do they dream of owners? Veterinarians who love these observations share their thoughts on what they may be thinking while lying there, trembling and wandering with their eyes closed.

Your cat’s eyes are closed. Her body is strangely connected, her head and paws twitching nicely, and she wonders, “Do cats have dreams when they sleep?”

Experts think so. And they support the argument, surprisingly, by researching sleep patterns on one of the many small animal’s cats (sometimes) catch and eat: mice. Researchers have studied the rat brain enough to predict that mice dream about what they do during the day on the board. While asleep, mice roam the trail or recall noises they hear or have nightmares.

“Research into electrical brain patterns in mice when they are asleep compared to doing normal activities when you wake up shows an interesting similarity. These studies suggest that cats dream of the same activities. Our cats may be experiencing the same dream of sleeping, as well as dogs.”

Although we know that people often dream during their sleep, for many years it was not clear whether the animals were dreaming. Scientists then monitored the rats’ brains while waking up and performed tasks such as running food tracks. Then they compared the brain function of mice while asleep and found exactly the same patterns as mice that showed while performing their tasks. This showed that rats were indeed dreaming. In fact, almost every mammal is dreaming. But why are we dreaming?

Understanding dreams helps to understand the process of sleep. Sleep is a natural condition characterized by a decrease in consciousness and slowing down or stopping the functioning of the nerve and voluntary muscles. In other words, you do not eat, smell or go to bed at night. We do not know why sleep is so important to animals but it seems to help with the growth and repair of our body systems. During sleep, the brain emerges and processes information obtained and experiences that take place during the day.

There are two main types of sleep – rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM sleep. During REM sleep, as the name suggests, the dreamer’s eyes move swiftly and randomly and their brain function sets like that of animals when they are awake. While the dreamer may seem to be quite active during this phase of sleep, it is very difficult to wake up. Dreaming occurs mainly during this phase of REM sleep. Smaller animals spend more time in a dream than old ones, perhaps because of the need to process new information.

So what do our furry friends dream about? Dinner? Climbing curtains? Playing with their owners?

Probably all of the above. Whatever your cat does during the day is processed while sleeping and is revived during the dream. So the shaking beards, howls and running claws we often see. Dreaming is an animal’s attempt to understand information used in the brain. So neurons shoot and our brains form a line of information to balance.

After all, as human beings, animal dreams may not always be pleasant or based on real-life experiences. Bad dreams and strange dreams can be our way of deciding moral behaviour if that experience comes from our waking hours. Not that cats may be worried about sitting on exams or finding themselves naked in public, unpleasant dreams that people often experience!

Instead, our cats’ dreams can be fulfilled by chasing toys, finding a pumpkin pie or finding ways to convince owners to feed themselves again! The dream life of a cat.

What Do Cats Dream About?

Because researchers think that rats dream about what they do during the day (see above), the correct guess is that cats do the same thing. You do the same thing. Your family and friends, your strange encounters with strangers, your daily habits, and your worries about work and health all filter out the night games of your brain. That’s probably the case with your cat, too. Do cats dream like humans? Probably, somehow.

Do cats have nightmares? Because researchers think that rats may have nightmares, cats may, too. (The worst cats can’t keep dream magazines yet.)

“Cats are hunters, so they like to hunt things. “They may be dreaming about their favourite toys, smelling food, sharpening their nails on the sofa, or spinning. They may be dreaming of various things, like us.”

Denis agrees, but he puts in a good name that you can probably appear (in a good way) at those times of the night, too.

“They probably have dreams of hunting and playing, as well as hugging and loving their roommates and friends,” he says.

Since brain activity during a dream vision is a brain activity of waking hours, cats may be able to relive their day.

“Like us, cats will probably dream of things that have happened in the past or far away,” continued Dr. Dodman. “Maybe trapping a bird or a mouse. Maybe a massage. Maybe arguing with another cat or dog. ”

Does your cat dream of you? Probably. Your cat can also awaken its distressing experiences during its many sleepless nights. Do you like the way you scratch his ears or the sound of a rustling powder bag? Does he come running when you call him by name? That daily communication may be part of his dreams.

Like humans, cats may have nightmares, too. Animals deal with the stress and trauma of dreams and may show signs of nightmares following stressful events.

I had a dream recently that I was surrounded by small dolphins while swimming in the pool. What could be the equivalent of a cat? I wonder what kind of sweet world Gandalf Carrot Cupcake is visited during his 15-20 hours of daily sleep.

Do cats always sleep well?

Like humans, cats can have sleep problems that interfere with deep sleep and keep them from achieving those dreams caused by REM. A restless cat who complains about meows or crying can fall asleep. Cats can also suffer from insomnia.

If you find that your cat is not getting enough rest, visit a veterinarian to get rid of the diseases and ask for suggestions to encourage your cat to sleep. This can include extra playtime to heat up, get your play cat to get tired, and have good food before bed.


Whatever you do, don’t stop the cat that wants to wake you up in the middle of the night. His nighttime can cause chaos in your sleep. With your persistence, you may have trained him to respect your bedtime and wake up times.

Do Cats Have Bad Dreams?

Naturally, as with us, it is quite normal that your feline friend’s dreams are associated with a bad event all day long. Their dreams, after all, as we are determined, are based on real-life experiences, and there is nothing strange about your cat having a nightmare.

However, there are a few things to consider here. If you see your feline friend celebrating and making uncontrollable movements while dreaming, waking him up may not be your best idea. Chances are you may be scratched or bitten or even worse. It’s the same with people – they won’t know what happens in the first few minutes after they wake up and protection is the best thing for them.


What to do if you notice that your cat is having nightmares

Never wake a sleeping cat! If your cat comes out like a lamp and starts making strange noises and blinking, you may be forced to wake him up from his “nightmare”. It is not wise, experts say. Your cat may be startled by a sudden awakening and may be scratched or bitten. Let your cat sleep and give them more love when they wake up.

Types of Cats May That Dream Of Their Owners

Devon Rex

Devon Rex is a new breed of cat, accidentally discovered in the Devonshire region of England in 1960 and is named after many things: a pixie cat, an outdoor cat, an elf-like cat – or a bat. It is also known for more dog behaviour than a cat.

Abyssinian Cats

Abys, as it is called love, is beautiful and looks good, it is easy to care for and make pets suitable for cat lovers.


Scottish Songa Strategies

Sweet-natured and demure, many Scottish cats have a distinctive feature of another cat: curled ears that give this species an owl-like look.

American Shorthair Cats

The short American cat is known as the “American breed”. The first cats of this breed were brought from Europe by early settlers. Today, American shorthair is a family favourite.

Cats of the Maine Coon

Persian Cats

Known for their gentle, contemptuous personality, sweet face and round eyes, Persian cats are romantic, quiet, beautiful creatures of habit, making it the most popular breed among cat lovers.

British Shorthair

It is believed that the Romans brought British shorthair to England in the first century, at which time the species evolved and bred English-born wild cats.

Cats of Ragdoll

Simple and loving cats, ragdolls get their name from their relaxing tendencies and relax in the arms of a human when they are taken.

Unusual Shorthair Cats

Normal Cat Dreams

You may have seen your sleeping cat squirm, make strange noises, or move its paws as if running. Experts say your cat is experiencing REM sleep, deep sleep when dreams occur. What your cat lives on in its brain while dreaming, however, is speculative because unlike humans who can clearly remember a wild dream or a nightmare, cats simply cannot tell what is not keeping them asleep.

A 1960 study of cats and REM sleep, conducted by sleep researcher Michel Jouvet, revealed that cats show a similar pattern of hunting while sleeping in REM. They squawk and bend their backs as if hunting for prey. Scientists conclude that cats may be dreaming of hunting.


Hunting is not the only thing they consider during sleep, however. Cats may dream of their human families, food, toys, or treats. Researchers suspect that cats dream about their day-to-day experiences, and that involves their connection with you. If they have a bad experience, your cat may have nightmares about the worst events of the day and react with a slight movement, hissing, or a little movement while you sleep.

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