Shantelle Jepchumba : Kenyan Pastor Causes Online Stir for Dressing ‘Indecently’

shantelle jepchumba

Kenyan preacher Shantelle Jepchumba of Glorious Heaven Ministries, Kimwarer has been blasted by some Kenyans online for dressing ‘indecently’.

This comes after her photos of wearing a dress with a long slit exposing her thighs went viral on social media.

Some online users were not impressed by the pregnant pastor’s choice of dress, which she wore during a church service.

Many feel the clergywoman set a bad example to the congregant.

“Waah,,,, all fake,,how do you go to church dressed that way,,on the pulpit,” says one social media user Maria Ondiso.

Anas lawan hussaini says:”Useless women.”

Munaliza notes:”End Time pastor.”

Nnabugwu Eunice says:”This is not a decent dressing at all,let alone wearing it in d church by a pastor. God have mercy.”

Twinkid says:” This is the end time that’s all. How can she wore this to church.”

MaxGetwillPaid writes:”Well it’s all about dress sense. People should just learn to dress as occasion demands.”

Salihu notes: “That is very bad of a pastor.”

However, other users have seen nothing wrong with her dressing code and have defended her.

“She’s just ok. I can’t see any problem with her. You said Owuor’s follower puts on magunia…let her wear that’s her dress choice,” says Lilian Engesia.

Another user notes: “We are aware of the devils tricks to bring down the church of Christ. Even if that lady was in a club, social media will attach church; give titles to her as a pastor to make the world not believe in the gospel.”

“Don’t be fooled, whether the pastor is naked or believer it doesn’t matter… What matters is your relationship with God. Even if it were true, that doesn’t mean there are no pastors who have not conformed to the standards of this world,” says Tumwebaze Trophies.

For quite a while now, social media has been abuzz with reports that a lady supposedly known as Shantelle Jepchumba delivered a sermon while dressed in skimpy clothing. There was a further claim that Shantelle was a renowned preacher at Glorious Heaven Ministries in Kimwarer, Elgeyo-Marakwet.

Most social media users were convinced the pregnant lady decided to comfortably stand at the pulpit with her thighs flashing at the audience through a plunging cut at the front of her dress. Of course, most people could not stand the thought of a preacher dressed in revealing clothing and standing confidently before worshipers.

However, it was all a case of misinformation. The truth is, the lady was not a cleric. The photo that has since gone viral was initially posted back in 2016 when the unidentified pregnant lady was addressing a crowd during the popular Koroga Festival in Kenya.

Koroga is a festival that celebrates African music, heritage, cuisine among many other things and held in Nairobi. Funny things is, even at that time, people were still skeptical about a pregnant lady fearlessly going on stage, grabbing a mic and addressing a crowd while dressed in an attire that left nothing to imagination.

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