Bombs in Kisumu : Fishing in Lake Victoria Turns Deadly as Fishermen Extract Bombs


Bombs in Kisumu : Five fishermen in Lake Victoria who were on a fishing expedition were shocked when they discovered six mortar bombs. The fishermen had cast their nets in the still waters of Lake Victoria in the hope of a handsome catch.

“Their net suddenly became heavy and voila! The fishermen beamed with excitement at the thought that they had caught a large Nile Perch locally known as Mbuta, that would fetch a handsome pay at the local fishmongers’ market.” The DCI said.

In celebration, they drowned their paddles on the floor of the boat and joined hands in hauling their heavy net back to the craft, but to their surprise, they discovered that they had caught a heavy metallic box instead of their anticipated Nile Perch fish, they hastily broke into the box only to find six,60mm mortar bombs staring at them.

Two of the five fishermen jumped into the hippopotamus infested area fearing the bombs would go off.

The other three steered the boat ashore and reported the incident to the beach management chairman, who escalated the matter to DCI detectives in Mbitha.

The detectives will conduct their investigation and destroy the explosive as per the law.

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