These Men Will Die of HIV/AIDS Ruth Makes Shocking Claims

Ruth James Achieng, a woman on Tuesday posted on social media threatening to reveal the list of 100 men who claimed to be infected with HIV / AIDS, spoke. 

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News Now, Achieng admitted that he had written the ‘warning’ on social media but dismissed allegations that they were pure jokes that should not attract the attention of bloggers and other social media users.

she said he had received many calls from strangers asking him why he was the best on Facebook and Twitter. “Why am I the best everywhere? I just don’t like what’s happening at all.

Where do the photos I took with my friends come from? ”Asked Achieng, asserting that; “Those are fabricated statements that should not attract anyone.” Achieng said he had been unwell for the past week and was shocked when he left the house on Wednesday morning to go to the clinic only for a friend to let him show him how he was doing on all social media.

According to him, close relatives including his parents, siblings and cousins ​​were asking him to leave town and go to his home in Maseno, Kisumu County. On Tuesday Facebook was full of pictures of Achieng and men who allegedly linked the virus to her.

This came after someone’s mother posted a message on her Facebook page saying she would call the names of men infected with HIV.

“I want to disclose everyone I have given HIV to (sic),” she wrote.

According to some sources, Achieng suspects that she is confident the men will die of depression once he names them. The post that spread on Facebook has created various reactions as most of his friends sympathize with his current situation.

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