Nick Okoth – Poor preparation Kenya’s Bane at Global Competitions

Nick Okoth

Nick Okoth : So far, the Olympics have taught us the need for serious investment in sports e.g. proper pre-competition preparations, talent development and adequate salary

Nick Okoth :

• All country representatives in boxing, taekwondo, rugby, and volleyball (inland and at sea) have all been killed

• Globally, sport is regarded as a billion-dollar industry where talents are identified as four-year-olds and nurtured to bear fruit

Nick Okoth

Boxing national team captain Nick “Commander” Okoth cried on Saturday after bowing in his 32-round bout against Mongolia’s Erdenebat Tsendbaatar.

his ​tears started a difficult week in Kenya, as the country’s representatives in boxing, taekwondo, rugby and volleyball (inland and at sea) were all eliminated

nick okoth

We can say that athletics – the source of many national awards – is yet to begin and our athletes will be lighting up the Olympic Stadium soon in Tokyo. However, in a nation that claims to be a sporting power, this should not be our concern.

What we have learned from the first week of the Olympics is the need to invest heavily in sport with regard to proper pre-competition preparations, talent development and adequate income.

Admittedly, the government – in partnership with various companies – came into the board to provide Team Kenya with the necessary resources for their preparations. However, this should be the norm and not the exception. And it should revolve around the Olympic cycle.

Sports is regarded as a multi-billion dollar industry where talents are identified as small as four and nurtured to bear fruit.

nick okoth

Investing in modern technology is crucial for young people to keep up with the changing technological aspects of their fields. There are no two ways to do it.

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