Alice Wahome : Kenyans Loved My Discussion About Bottom-Up Economics

Alice Wahome

Candidate Alice Wahome has been asked to simplify a model that will develop Kenyans to understand it and her confusing explanation has left many confused The lawyer is one of the leaders of Tanga Tanga who fights for the economic path In response to Kenyans scolding him, a free lawyer

Alice Wahome

Kandara MP Alice Wahome has broken the silence after being ridiculed for failing to define a low-income economic model promoted by the so-called hustler nation.

In a statement released on his official Facebook page on Wednesday, July 28, Wahome appeared to have no problem and expressed his admiration.

Alice Wahome: What she says

Speaking to Citizen TV, Wahome has been asked to simplify a model that will develop Kenyans to understand it, and his confusing explanation has shocked many. “Um … working from the bottom up; yes, eer, from top to bottom,” he said, leaving the TV presenter very confused.

Kenyans Respond

Many Kenyans have taken to social media to call on the Tanga Tanga legislature to confuse the Kenyan people in this already controversial economic situation.

Orange Democratic Movement Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna said:

“Okay, the low brain in Tanga starts taking the challenge and explain #BottomUpus!”

Wambui said: “Alice Wahome has just been down-to-earth working from the bottom-up-down-down-up-down-down-down! And those are simple words! I feel dizzy!”

Daisy wrote: “After Kiman Ichungwa failed to explain the bottom line, Alice Wahome is back again. You can be treated to semantics.”

Economist David Ndii, the promoter of the model, said the low-income economy was a political concept and not a policy one.

“Obviously. #BottomUpEconomics is a political concept, not a policy plan. We have shifted the focus from proprietary politics – reggae, tribal kings” our opportunity to the State House “and all that we went to politics in the economy. in response to a tweep.

Taking over #Ruto

Ruto recently said that his humble economic style and the whole story of the emergency nation were taken from the Bible.

Speaking at the Saint Patrick Catholic Church in Kilifi on Sunday, July 18, the DP quoted scriptures from the scriptures, saying that his bustling nation was like that.

“When we promote a less active economy, that’s exactly what the Bible says,” said Ruto.

He quoted Psalm 113: 7-8, which according to the New International Version (NIV): He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he makes them sit with princes and the princes of his people.

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