Academic Writers in Hot Soup After Snitch Spoke to CBS TV Making Serious Revelations

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Academic Writers : As network operators continue to debate what could be the church’s biggest story, new information has already emerged about a controversial investigative report on Kenya’s Academic Writing rally recently broadcast by US news agency, CBS Television.

A piece that highlighted how Kenyan youth graduates who are unemployed and unemployed is building a multi-million dollar empire from eliminating essays and assignments for American students sparked mixed reactions on social media.

While some have expressed shock at how far young Kenyan youths are willing to travel for daily bread, many comments have focused on Kenyan interviewers in this report and their determination to BE LIVE on camera with such a shocking confession.

Many could not understand why two Academic authors, Joanne and William voluntarily exposed the entire industry that once supported them and continued to feed millions of unemployed youth every day; and more, on the international news organization.

From the WhatsApp chat screenshot seen , we can find out for sure that CBS journalist Debra Patta flew to the country in April 2021 and had been looking for links to academic writers who were determined to spend beans in front of his bright cameras.

Academic Writers

Negotiations would be held voluntarily to remain anonymous and a thank you token after completion.

From the interview in question, an education writer named Laura sent a message to our source on 6 April 2021 asking if she would like to do a job with CBS.

** “Hey, I hope you get well. My sister works with CBS Reality on academic writing. They wanted someone to talk to about how it was done and I thought about you. Your face will be pale if you do not want to be seen, ”he wrote.

The source, however, declined the offer and said he was not willing to betray his source of income.

** “No I wouldn’t. This is like asking me to be Judas in my industry,” he replied.

From the accounts of Joanne and William to CBS, to make all racket work, Kenyan writers are often given access details to various American student places that give them access to resources such as the Campus library, where they can study for exams before settling on their own.

In this interview, William himself admitted that he had been doing exams and other academic writing activities for several years on behalf of an American student.

He pointed out that Mzungu was paying him well to do his undergraduate degree as well as his master’s degree.

Like Joanne, William cited financial difficulties as his motivation for joining a fast-growing industry.

He complained that since he finished school he had not been looking for a job.

**”You can’t steal so you have to find something to do for yourself. It’s not something you can be proud of telling people that you are helping others cheat,”** he said in an interview.

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