Ringtone: He Wanted to Kill Me Arrests Follow as Blogger Robert Alai Accused of Assault


Ringtone: Blogger Robert Alai on Friday was arrested and detained at the Kilimani Police Station for allegedly assaulting singer Ringtone Apoko with a wooden stick(Rungu).


According to officials familiar with the situation, the two accused each other of preventing a dispute that began on Loitoktok Road and extended to Dennis Pritt and Likoni Road.

Robert Alai arrested after singer Ringtone is left bloodied in road rage incident

Mr. Alai was accused of hitting Ringtone’s car around the road on Loitoktok road.

Although the nature of the play remains unclear, many videos show what is believed to be Mr. Robert Alai’s car blocking RIngtone car.

In one of the videos, the artist is seen hovering over the top of his car before falling into Mr. Alai’s car in search of an explanation.

“Amenigonga, Amenizuia Kwa Roundabout,” Ringtone lamented during the incident “Kwanini Unanipiga”, Ringtone said

In another video, Ringtone reappears, but this time, he has blood on the side of his face and what appears to be bruises on his neck.

He was taken to hospital after the incident.

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