Murang’a: Teenager Steals Dads Car Kills 4

Murang’a: The two were among a group of other women who were attending a church meeting when an accident occurred on the Murang’a – Kangema road.

The car was driven by a young man who took the car from his parents without his knowledge. He reportedly lost control of the car and crashed into a group of women.

He and other young men traveling in a car left the scene shortly after the incident.

Murang’a: Teenager Steals Dads Car Kills 4

Residents of Kiharu in Murang’a district are mourning the death of four women who were killed on their way home from church in an uncontrolled car.

The tragic incident that led to the deaths of Jane Waiego, Mary Njeri, Margret Karura Waithaka and Mary Waithera took place on Sunday, July 22.

An NTV report showed that the car was being driven by a group of youths who escaped from the scene after an accident on the Murang’a-Kangema road.

The report further revealed that the youngest teenager had unknowingly taken his parent’s car when he failed to control the robbery in a women’s group.

Three women died on the spot, and one was injured in an operation at Murang’a County Referral Hospital, where they were receiving medical treatment.

The vehicle was towed to the Murang’a police station as an investigation into the matter was launched. Families are now appealing to the community to help them before the burial of the four women.

Police Arrested the father of a young boy who was driving

The incident happened about a month after police arrested a man whose son was caught on camera driving a Toyota Prado TX in Delview Park in Thika.

In the video, which aired on Sunday, June 13, a seven-year-old boy was seen doing nothing in a beautiful car while shifting gears as a professional.

Nairobi News Now reported that Ayub Kinyanjui Muigai was arrested in Gatanga by Kikwara traffic police in collaboration with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Traffic offenses and fines

Among them were, if you are still in driving school and you fail to display the required “L” sign on the back and front sides of your car, you will be able to receive a fine of KSh 1,000.

A fine of KSh 2,000 is payable to a person caught using a cellphone while driving while required to carry his or her insurance certificates at all times while on the road.

If you are caught without it, you could spend years in prison or some months in jail or pay a lump sum. 100,000.

Failure to renew your driver’s license after expiry attracts a tax of KSh 1,000.

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