Amber Ray : Pesa Zake Ziliisha Amber Confirms After Breaking up With Jamal Roho Safi

Amber Ray announces that she has broken up with Jamal Roho Safi via Instagram Amber said they have disagreements and are unable to resolve their issues.

Socialite Amber Ray has shown herself unmarried and confirmed that she is no longer in love with Matatu Boss Jamal Roho Safi.

Rumors have been circulating that they have split ways, and she then took the record straight with a Q and A session on his Instagram news.

Amber Ray

He responded by writing “No, not now”. He declined to comment further on their separation, saying they were having problems. Amber went on to say that they could not resolve their differences, they preferred to separate in ways.

Amber Ray Broken Heart?

Her response raised a number of questions on the matter, with one communications user asking if she had a heart attack.

“Do you have a heart attack or do you feel depressed?” the fan asked. “

“Like I said, I live for the moment, and life is about building memories,” he replied tactfully.

Amber’s wife and Jamal Amira traded profanity in Syokimau with a fan to find out if he regrets it.

“Do you regret fighting for him?” asked an Instagram user.

“Actually I was fighting for myself. If someone stepped on me, I had to defend myself,” said the mother of one.

After the fight with Amira, Jamal bought a new home in Hurlingham, Nairobi and according to a worker, he is not returning to Syokimau. Amber has indicated that if she is going to relocate, then Kitusuru is her next destination.

Jamal’s Memory Tattoo

At the height of their love affair, Amber got a Jamal tattoo on her back. However, he informed his followers that he would hide it.

“I will find a drawing of a dragon to hide it, and life will go on,” she wrote.

Viral Walking

Shortly after announcing the split, one of her followers wanted to replace Jamal, but Amber said she wanted to date a foreigner. “Right now, I want to try to make love to other countries. I have to represent all the camps abroad,” he wrote. Jamal and Amira reconciled? Amber and Jamals’ relationship was said to end when she deleted all of her photos from her page.

Jamal’s wife Amira was then seen driving his Range Rover, leaving the network to ask if they had reconciled.

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