Jackie DeAngelis Biography: Husband, Marriage, Education, Political Party, Family

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Jackie DeAngelis is one of FOX’s leading business writers. Jackie DeAngelis has extensive business and journalism experience. Many young girls today look up to her because Jackie DeAngelis is calm and well-rounded. Besides, Jackie DeAngelis has a good track record and loves his job.

Being a financial writer involves doing research, negotiating with the right people, and writing about economic problems. This is what Jackie DeAngelis did in FOX news. Jackie DeAngelis is known for covering business news from headquarters in New York City.

Jackie DeAngelis Profile summary

Name: Jackie DeAngelis

Average years: Forty

Country of birth: America

Nationality: American

Race: Caucasian

Body: Slim

Hair color: brown

Eye color: brown

Languages: English, Mandarin, and Farsi

Current accommodation: New York, United States of America

Alma mater: Cornell University and Rutgers School of Law

Professionalism: Business journalist

Current position: Financial Writer in FOX Business Network (FBN)

Former employers: CNBC and Yahoo Finance

Social media: Twitter and Instagram

History of Jackie DeAngelis

Where is Jackie DeAngelis from? A well-known financial writer at FOX Business Network is an American. However, details about his birthday, his parents, his siblings, and his upbringing are scarce. Therefore, the age of Jackie DeAngelis is unknown, but Jackie DeAngelis must be in his forties, judging his work.

Jackie DeAngelis
Jackie DeAngelis Biography: Husband, Marriage, Education, Political Party, Family

Education by Jackie DeAngelis Business journalist went to Cornell University. Jackie DeAngelis is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asia Study and History at a university. Jackie DeAngelis graduates with honors and is proud to be a Cum Laude student. Jackie DeAngelis also has a Juris Doctor from Rutgers School of Law. Jackie DeAngelis speaks Mandarin and Farsi fluently.


DeAngelis’ work style is amazing. Jackie DeAngelis is an experienced technical analyst. Jackie DeAngelis worked for Oaktree Capital Management, and his role in the firm was to find investment opportunities in new and emerging markets. Jackie DeAngelis also worked for CNBC for 13 years.

Jackie DeAngelis
Jackie DeAngelis Biography: Husband, Marriage, Education, Political Party, Family

During this time, Jackie DeAngelis held various positions and performed his duties with great professionalism. Early in his CNBC career, Jackie DeAngelis served as Director of Strategic Programming and Development. Jackie DeAngelis also hosted an Investing in America event with former President Barack Obama, which led to the Emmy nomination.

In this role, Jackie DeAngelis also produced special network shows featuring outstanding business minds. Among them were Bill Clinton, Timothy Geithner, and Warren Buffett. Between 2010 and 2011, his work station was in the Middle East. In his much-needed work, Jackie DeAngelis kindly interviewed business dignitaries, including Abdalla El-Badri and Ibrahim Al-Assaflike.

Jackie DeAngelis
Jackie DeAngelis Biography: Husband, Marriage, Education, Political Party, Family

Jackie DeAngelis rose to prominence at CNBC and strengthened with Future Now. Futures Now was an online resource. During his 13-year tenure on the network, Jackie DeAngelis also produced market reports for daily programs. In addition, Jackie DeAngelis spoke about the economic consequences of key events, such as the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and Hurricane Harvey.

Towards the end of 2018, DeAngelis left CNBC and joined Yahoo Finance. Jackie DeAngelis strengthened the daytime program known as The Ticker. In the program, Jackie DeAngelis explored the high-profile financial issues of the day and interviewed key leaders and entrepreneurs.

In April 2019, the president of FOX Business Network, Brian Jones, announced that DeAngelis would be compiling business news from headquarters in New York. Jackie DeAngelis took over the role on April 22 of that year and has worked on the same network to date. Additionally, Jackie DeAngelis is a trusted FOX Business Network accountant.

Political Party

What is Jackie DeAngelis’s political party? The journalist is often confronted with business and political leaders who often have strong political views and opinions. However, Jackie DeAngelis remains inconsistent with his work. Jackie DeAngelis keeps his political views away from his work, so his political party is not known to the public.


Is Jackie DeAngelis married? Unlike many journalists, DeAngelis has kept his private life away from the public eye. As a result, very little is known about her personal life including DeAngelis’s husband and Jackie DeAngelis’ wedding details.


Does Jackie DeAngelis have cancer? A business journalist is a person with cancer. Jackie DeAngelis took to Instagram to explain that Jackie DeAngelis was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer on June 17, 2021. Jackie DeAngelis was treated at NYU Langone, and a team of specialists operated on him on July 6, 2021.

Jackie DeAngelis was pleased that doctors diagnosed the disease early and went home without cancer after surgery. Jackie DeAngelis is an experienced and respected business journalist who has been working for FOX News since 2019. The way she works is commendable and encouraging, especially for young girls who want to study journalism.

History of Brigit Strawbridge. Strawbridge is a beekeeper, wildlife farmer, and passionate naturalist. Jackie DeAngelis has played a significant role in environmental activism and believes that we can all work together to build a sustainable planet.

The British naturalist became interested in conservation and sustainability at an early age as Jackie DeAngelis helped on the family farm. Jackie DeAngelis is married to Rob, a man who has supported his career and interests with firmness and resilience.

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