Kangogo: New Discovery on a Maize Farm Raises Further Speculation About Carol’s Death

Caroline Kangogo

It was a Terrible ending in Nakuru Corporal Caroline Kangogo after his body was found at his parents’ house, inside the toilet. This is after 11 days of security searches following the killings of two men.

Kangogo’s parents were living with anxiety in the hope that their daughter will appear one day. Unfortunately, their worst nightmare happened yesterday after they found their daughter’s body inside the toilet. It turns out that her mother known as Mrs. Leah Kangogo was the first person to see her daughter dead inside their bathroom in the house. Caroline Kangogo allegedly committed suicide by shooting herself with a Ceska rifle.

Caroline Kangogo
Caroline Kangogo

However, the alleged suicide has raised many questions about the possibility that Kangogo may have been killed and his body dragged to his parent’s toilet.

It turned out that no one at home heard the gunshots even though the Ceska gun had no wound. In addition, it is alleged that there was no shouting in the bathroom as Kangogo allegedly shot himself.

Discovery on a Maize Plantation

According to the report, several trails were found on the corn farm of the late Caroline Kangogo’s family. Details have emerged that there were numerous footprints that were spotted in the maize farm of the late Caroline Kangogo’s family. The revelation raised further speculation as to whether Kangogo’s body had been brought to the family yard after his murder.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is investigating whether Kangogo committed suicide as details emerged that he was allegedly killed elsewhere and the body was thrown inside the parent’s bathroom. Investigators also said the parents should have heard the gunshots as the bathroom was only 40 meters from the family home.

Elgeyo Marakwet regional police chief Patrick Lumumba also revealed that Caroline Kangogo’s cellphone did not have a Sim Card so investigators had no power to trace Kangogo’s identity when he went missing after the killings of Ogweno and Peter Ndwiga.

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