A Wonderful New World – Proof the World Is Beautiful

Wonderful WOrld

A Wonderful New World – Photos That Show This World Is Beautiful

We live in an insanely fantastic world, a wonderful new world. The wonderful world is filled with marvelous sceneries, but we sometimes get caught up by the hurdles of life and we fail to realize the wonderful prospects the world has to offer.

Since most of us hardly see the beauty, there are people who have dedicated their lives to showcase a wonderful new world hidden from the bare eyes.

Nairobi News Now has created a collection of the most mind-blowing shots of the wonderful world capable to take your breath away.

A Wonderful New World

I see trees of green Red roses too I see them bloom For me and you And I think to myself What a wonderful new world – Louis Armstrong

Here is a list of the collection we have come up with, what a wonderful world. Don’t you think so?

A Wonderful New World – Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest


Is there an inch of this photograph that does not say the name Magic? The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is one of the few locations that exhibit the world’s oldest trees. some of the trees have over 400 years.

They grow in a twisted beautiful colored wood. The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is a clear demonstration of a wonderful new world yet to be found.

A Wonderful New World – Tunnel of Love

It is not every day you get to experience a whole wonderful new world of love in a tunnel. The photo below demonstrates the tunnel of love in both summer and winter.

What kind of beauty is this. Imagine walking down the abandoned railway with the one you love, would it not be beautiful?

How would you like it if you experienced such a wonderful new world before the year ends?

Marble Caves of Patagonia

The marble caves are also called Capillas de Mármol they are found in chile. If you want to find the marble caves then you need to visit Carretera Austral Highway in southern Chile. It is believed they have formed over 6000+ years ago as a result of melted glaciers.

Marble Caves of Patagonia are a true representation of a wonderful world with new possibilities.

Beauty is sometimes like a mad scientist, just trying to mix things up and see what match can create.

Bioluminescence Kilifi

A Wonderful New World
A Wonderful New World – Proof the World Is Beautiful

Bioluminescence is a light generated by living organisms. Bioluminescence is a type of chemiluminescence where light is produced. It mainly occurs in living organisms. However, there is a lake in Kilifi that lights up when you splash water using your legs.

A mesmerizing display of bioluminescence caused by rain hitting a buildup of algae in a lagoon. A mind-blowing representation of a wonderful New World at sea.

Braided New hairstyle

When was the last time you saw the beauty of a frog endowed with braids or new earphones? This one of my most favorite pictures. The name of the frog is Princess Leia.

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