Omondi Timon Should Be Arrested for Stealing Bread and Cheating – Opinion

Omondi Timon

Omondi Timon has been trending all day. Here is Why He is trending.

A huge revelation has hit the media this afternoon after Omondi Timon a student of St. Joseph’s Rapogi played some mind game on a cook to satisfy his huge appetite for bread.

Omondi Timon
Students of St. Joseph Rapogi

St. Joseph School Rapogi is a county high school located in Sare in Nyanza Province of Western Kenya in Migori County.

St. Joseph School Rapogi is the county Giant not only in Nyanza but also in the whole province. In the year 2004, the school emerged top defeating Maseno School, Maranda High, Kanga High, and St Mary School Yala.

However, it is clearly evident the school is not just talented in academics, this comes after an alleged student Omondi Timon played a trick on the school’s chef.

Omondi Timon Tricks A Cook And Obtains Bread

The revelation comes up that the alleged culprit Omondi Timon the student at St. Joseph School Rapogi lied to the cook that he was summoned by the deputy principal in his office. Omondi Timon, the alleged gang organizer, invaded the kitchen and left with over 65 loaves of bread.

Some are referring to Omondi Timon as a hero with witty knowledge whereas others claim he should be jailed. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. follow, like, and share.

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