Amber Ray Caught Fighting For a Married Man In the Public (Photos)



To those who woke up and found Promiscuous Amber Ray Trending, this is the reason. Men Raise Your Prize.

Last night was full of Drama in Syokimau as Amber Ray and Amira the two co-wives met face to face. In Amber Ray Instagram story, they were fighting last night.

Amber Ray
Amber Ray Caught Fighting For a Married Man In the Public (Photos)

Amber claimed that on Amiras trip to Tanzania, she brought in a dead bird which she dropped at her doorstep.

“This is what escalated all the drama today. like you been preaching to people out here how wicked I’m and then I get this a present from you from Tanzania. Surely, as much as you want to be blind, who is the witch.” she explained.

In the video circulating online, Amira cries claiming that it was very disrespectful for Jamal Marlow to call him from Ambers house.

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Amber Ray Cause Of Fight

“This is disrespect. Do I walk around with dead birds, You call me here to this wicked woman to ask me such a question. I have been silent but this has become too much for me to bear. Leave me alone Jamal. nimekusitiri sana Jamal. Amenizidia sana huyu Jamal.”

Drama erupts in Syokimau between Jamal Roho Safi’s, co-wives Co-wives Amira and Amber Ray fight viciously in Syokimau (Video) Amber Ray is moving out of her current home she says is no longer safe

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