Jay Kahiu Bombs the Internet With Comedic Vines Again

Jay Kahiu Bombs the Internet With Comedic Vines Again

Jay Kahiu the comedian has once again blown the Internet with his skits and vines. Jay Kahiu is a Kikuyu Viner, a patriotic Kenyan, stress absorber, and a single guy with two kids and a wife.

Who Is Jay Kahiu

It is quite unclear why he has children and is single. maybe because he was once married and now divorced. Anyway, we are still puzzled by that too. As the famous Amerix quote goes, “Focus on yourself”, we have no choice bu to leave his life alone.

With over 1k followers on Instagram, Jay Kahiu has uniquely blended his humorous nature and his assumed Kikuyu dialect to entertain his fans. His You-tube into video suggest he is a fan of the “NJERA-INI CIITU. WIICI WA NDUTHI.

Jay Kahiu has attracted our bloggers attention due to his massive Youtube Subscriber basis obtained in quite a short period of time. According to trusted sources, Jay Kahiu had 2k followers two days ago but now he has over 3k subscribers. It is quite unclear how he does this, but one thing we know it that he is one good comedian.

Jay Kahiu Bombs the Internet With Comedic Vines Again

Several months ago, Jay Kahiu has engaged in the Mumbi Challenge a cover story that came from Samidoh original song Mumbi. The video on Jay Kahiu’s you-tube account was pulled down due to copyright issues. Sources claim that before the video was pulled down, it had obtained more than 3k views in less than 30 minutes.

Jay Kahiu Latest Video

In his latest Video, dubbed “READING KIKUYU BIBLE [FULL COMEDY VIDEO]” Jay Kahiu expresses his humor towards Nderitu also pronounced as De-Ri-tru Man. His fans have always tried to copy him, but they either end up with broken tongues or broken teeth. His talent is received with positive envy.

It is clear that Jay Kahiu is a representation of young youth talent. here are some of the comments from his youtube fans.

Jay Kahiu Bombs the Internet With Comedic Vines Again

@Slopy Goet: Waah ooh my days ati aki thuria ati a kimia cant stop laughing.

@Mumbi Anne:

This made my night???

@BONDIVIA WAINAINA welokamuu back Diasporan we missed you❤akemia akemia akemiambatia??????aicii aciiraeli???????am done with you

@Shee Miles ?????akimia akimia akimiambatia?

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Jay Kahiu Bombs the Internet With Comedic Vines Again

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