Omosh Trending For All The Wrong Reasons He is Broke Again Begs For Help

Omosh Begs again

Omosh : Former Tahidi High Actor Peter Kamau Kinuthia aka Omosh is back to being a beggar, this was after he received a good amount from Kenyan contributions. According to the latest from Nairobi News Now, Omosh claims he has a lot of financial struggles.

He claims that he is ready for any type of work . “I am willing to be a sweeper”, he claimed.

Omosh Plead

The amount of Money Omosh Recieved, was used to settle his debts . According to a statement he made on the News, Omosh claimed that if only he found a person who could buy him a camera and a Tripod, he would stop asking for money from Kenyans.

Omosh back to begging is quite sad, bearing in mind he has a competitive driving license, it would only be fair if he got a chance to showcase his skills. I would suggest he got employment in the World Rally Championship (WRC).

Omosh Trending For All The Wrong Reasons He is Broke Again Beggs For Help

His remarks have attracted opinions from Media personality Felix Odiwuor also known as Janang’o asking him to request him to air out his pleads nicely.

Omosh Trending For All The Wrong Reasons He is Broke Again Beggs For Help

The Ex Tahidi high actor is once again in shame. Omosh cries for help hopping someone will heed to his mourning.

Omosh gets replies from Netizens

Here are some of the comments made by Netizens:


Crying for help is okay, but Omosh is too much some of us tukipewa just 100k tunakafunga. Planning matters.

@Anyamah Douglas

We were quick to castigate Naomi Kamau, Omosh’s elder sister, insulted her for supposedly neglecting her brother. All she had to say was, “As a family, we know Omosh better than you kenyans, we’ve tried our level best to stand with him”. Vindicated.

Tejveer Rai #RutoOnKTN


So according to Omosh he preferred to pay debts first instead of starting a business, is he really a Kikuyu? We don’t do that.

@???? ????

Archeologist have found remains of Omosh which is believed to be over 1500 years old


Omosh should start using his real name Kinuthia, Anatuaribia sisi Omolo(wajaluo) jina sana

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