Kangemi: Scores Feared Dead as Flyover Under Construction Collapses


A flyover that was in construction along Waiyaki Way in Kangemi wend down on Monday

The statements issued by the National Highways authority states that all the workers have been accounted for.

However, the number of victims trapped in the demise are still unknown.

Scores of people are feared dead after the sudden collapse of the Kangemi flyover that is currently under construction.

Kangemi: Scores Feared Dead as Flyover Under Construction Collapses

From official sources, the number of people still trapped in the scene is still unknown. Operators are still doing their best to save lives as they work with speed against time.

The construction of this major super-highway has been in construction for several months now.

Kangemi Workers Still not Found

At the time of writing this article, four people had been rescued with one of them sustaining serious injuries.

Several other people got trapped as their families remained in an anxious state.

Some of the people buried under the structure were traders who sold their products around the area.

Official KeNHA Statement

An official statement from the Kenya National Highways Authority indicates that all employees have been accounted for. This is according to their Twitter account.

KeNHA regrets this unfortunate incident and is keen to ensure that safety is a priority in all road projects

As the swift rescuers continue , Kenyans have taken their disappointment to social media due to the lack of seriousness on matters concerning workers safety.

@Laura Mwende Alice The Feminist:

Why would a construction approved & supervised by professionals & qualified persons collapse? WHY? You are responsible for the ongoing collapse of such structures!


Kenya is a country of sad people and they look for any opportunity to release their anger. Just read the comments you will think they made it in life and do no mistakes. Those workers on site are not kids and can take precautions too. Mind your language mates


Blacklist china wu yi, they're the problem not the soil

@Daniel Mwaniki:

Regretting is not enough, act! Terminate the contract with the particular company. Are you waiting for any other evidence that they're not up to the task?


[@KeNHAKenya](https://twitter.com/KeNHAKenya)Most of your engineers deserve time in jail. Looking at the mayhem on Mombasa road, junction designs no visible bus stops shoulders poorly done and to top it all poor drainage. I rest my case

What are your thoughts in this, let us know below.

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