Internet Erupts as Mercy Kuria “Twende Twende, Come On” Singer Almost Loses her Dancing Shoes in a Youth Concert

Mercy Kuria

Praise and Worshiper Mercy Kuria is well known for her dancing styles she pull occasionally during worship sessions.

According to local man news, the singer has been the talk of the town after an outrageous quote she pulled during a praise and worship session in Thogoto Youth Fellowship (TYF) yesterday.

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Internet Erupts as Mercy Kuria “Twende Twende, Come On” Singer Almost Loses her Dancing Shoes in a Youth Concert

Many have advised her to continue with her creative way of Ministration and for Mercy, she is not stopping now.

The worship leader was spotted moving rhythmically to the “Ndiye Mwamba ” Melody where she admits that she has never felt so spirit-filled during a worship experience .

“It was at this moment I knew something was missing during the Ministration, I urgently needed the Holy Spirit manifestation” I Immediately uttered “Twende Twende, Come On”, watu wakaruka mpaka wakatokea kwa mabati “, Mercy Explained.

Twende Twende, Come On
Twende Twende, Come On – SInger Mercy Kuria Instagram

Dressed in a colorful African dress, she was running across the platform uttering the words that carried the day “Twende Twende, come on”.

Youths and children could be seen trying to emulate her dancing style while some broke their legs in the process. The local man just stood in amazement. It is directly evident that if Embarambamba was single, Mercy Kuria would have been his perfect fit.

It is clear that Netizens are happy with Mercy’s way of worship. She insists that the creative words come to light when she is overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit.

Thogoto Youth Fellowship is a movement organized to bring Spiritual enrichment among the youth. It had attracted numbers as it premiered yesterday.

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