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Abc3340 Weather Blog is a breaking news, weather, and sports site in Birmingham, Anniston, Tuscaloosa, and Alabama. Abc3340 Weather blog started off as a news site that majored in live weather coverage.

Abc3340 Weather Blog

ABC33/40 also initiates the Abc3340 weather blog. The site covers and represents live weather forecast feeds Birmingham.

Is Birmingham safe? According to ackermansecurity.com, the crime rate is 112% higher than the national average. Birmingham is one of the most dangerous cities in Alabama.

According to the ABC33/40 Twitter account, James Spann’s house in Birmingham was hit by a tornado. no injuries were reported. James Spann’s wife reported it was OK.

Abc3340 weather blog provides descriptive weather information including:

The Abc3340 weather blog mobile application also has these features:

  1. Access to specific content to mobile users.
  2. Abc3340 weather has a 250 meters radar with very high resolution available . The Abc3340 weather radar delivers news in an instant.
  3. The company has the ability to predict the weather using the future radar
  4. Abc3340 blog has a high resolution cloud visualization tool that gives information about the clouds.
  5. They update weather news daily and hourly per hour
  6. ABC3340 blog makes updates using computer models.
  7. In the Abc3340 weather blog mobile application you have the ability to favorite your location.
  8. Gps availability for location tracking
  9. Abc3340 weather blog gets alerts and represents them in the National Weather service.
  10. You will always get the op-in alerts to make sure you are safe.

James Spann Abc3340 Weather Blog

According to Wikipedia, James Max Spann Jr. is a journalist, a meteorologist and is currently hosting a podcast in Birmingham, Alabama.

abc3340 weather blog
James Spann of abc3340 weather blog speaking

Where does James Spann work?

James Spann works in WBMA-LD an affiliated ABC3340 weather station . It is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group. James Spann does not directly work for Abc3340 Weather Blog.

James Spann Weather Update

Weather updates and blogs are essential. James Spann runs a podcast blog called WeatherBrains which he started back in 2016.

If you want to listen to James Spann Weather Updates live, tune in to James Spann podcast.

WeatherBrains is also hosted by meteorologists and several News teams.

It is available in itunes and they broadcast live over the cable systems in Alabama.

James Spann Abc3340 weather blog Can be found in Https://Abc3340.com

His live forecast can be streamed live on https://abc3340.com . You can also download James Spann weather updates on google play store.

Just get to Google playstore and search “3340 Weather”

James Spann Social Media

  1. James Spann Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/jamesspannHis bio on facebook states that he has certifications in media meteorology, a host in WeatherBrains and a genius in Weather technologies. James Spann the Abc3340 weather bloger has over 785K followers.
  2. Twitter – His bio reads as Facebook
  3. Instagram – James Spann’s bio reads same as Facebook
  4. James Spann Website – alabamawx.com

Abc3340 Weather Radar Features

The Abc3340 weather blog has this features :

  1. Realtime weather updates
  2. HD resolutions display
  3. Cloud visualization tool.
  4. Future weather prediction model.

In summary, Abc3340 weather blog is a site that enables you to view information about the weather in real-time.

James Spann has contributed to the growth of ABC3340.

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