Best News Sites in East Africa and Globally

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Nairobi News Now had previously written of the top 18 news sites in Nairobi. Due to Public demand, we have decided to widen the scope and cover the best and active news sites in East Africa and the world at large.

News sites in East Africa and the World
Best News Sites in East Africa and Globally

Here are the top News, blogging and media sites in Kenya and the World.

News Sites in Kenya

Here is a list of the best news sites in Kenya today. Top Kenyan Today. Hot news headlines around the world.

  1. Daily Nation
  2. Nairobi News Now
  3. Standard
  4. Tuko
  5. ‎Ghafla
  6. Mpasho‎
  7. Pulse
  8. Business Daily
  9. Daily Post
  10. The Star
  11. News 24
  12. Kenya Today
  13. Capital FM
  14. Nairobi Wire
  15. Business Today
  16. Kenyan News
  17. Mediamax
  18. Citizen TV
  19. The EastAfrican
  20. Kenya News Agency
  21. ‎
  22. ‎Nairobi News
  23. Taifa Leo‎
  24. Breaking Kenya News
  25. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC)BBC Country Profile: Kenya

News Sites in Uganda

This is where to Track breaking news Now in Uganda.

  1. 256 Business News
  2. Abc Africa News
  3. Acholi Times
  4. afrol News – Uganda
  5. Uganda
  6. BBC News – Uganda
  7. Buganda Watch
  8. Daily Monitor
  9. Daily Post Uganda
  10. Eagle Online
  11. East African Business Week
  12. Edge
  13. Flash Uganda Media
  14. Insider
  15. Kampala Dispatch
  16. Matooke Republic
  17. Kawowo Sports
  18. Newslex
  19. New Vision
  20. Nile Post
  21. PML Daily
  22. Soft Power
  23. The Grapevine
  24. The Independent
  25. The New Humanitarian – Uganda
  26. The Investigator
  27. The Observer
  28. The Spy
  29. Xpress times
  30. Whisper Eye
  31. UGPulse: The Pulse of Uganda
  32. Uganda Vanguard
  33. Uganda Times
  34. Uganda Radio Network
  35. Uganda News
  36. Uganda Media Centre
  37. Uganda Business News
  38. TND News Uganda
  39. The Ugandan
  40. The Sunrise

Tanzania News Sites

Get the best and latest news in Tanzania Now . Here is where to get the news

  1. Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC)
  2. Independent Television (ITV)
  3. Star TV
  4. Mwana Halisi
  5. ‎Focus Media
  6. Rai
  7. Business Times
  8. Mwanaspoti
  9. IPP Media
  10. Mpekuzi‎
  11. Bongo 5‎
  12. Mtanzania
  13. Global Publishers
  14. Dar 24
  15. MwanaHALISI Online
  16. Millard Ayo
  17. ‎Zanzibar 24
  18. Jamhuri‎
  19. Zanzi News
  20. Guardian
  21. Citizen
  22. Daily News
  23. Habari Leo

Burundi News Top Sites

Here is the List of Top Burundi News Sites

  1. ‎Nawe
  2. ‎Burundi Forum
  3. Burundi Information
  4. Burundi 24
  5. Itara Burundi
  6. ARIB
  7. Radio Isanganiro
  8. Net Press (news agency)
  9. Burundi Africa Generation
  10. Yaga Burundi‎
  11. PPB
  12. BBC News – Burundi country profile
  13. Burundi – Wikipedia
  14. Burundi News
  15. Jeune Afrique – Burundi

Rwanda Top News Sites

Here is are the best news sites in Kigali, Rwanda .

  1. United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
  2. Radio Maria
  3. ‎Musabyimana
  4. ‎Jambo News
  5. ‎Le Rwandais
  6. Rwanda Government (official website)
  7. BBC News – Rwanda country profile
  8. Rwandan
  9. Intyoza
  10. Rwanda Wire
  11. Rwanda News Agency (RNA)
  12. Rugali
  13. ‎Rwanda Today
  14. Rwandaises
  15. KT Press
  16. ‎Hose
  17. News of Rwanda
  18. Imvaho Nshya
  19. Rwanda Broadcasting Agency
  20. Kigali Today
  21. Ukwezi
  22. Rwanda Paparazzi
  24. Muhabura
  25. Ibyamamare
  26. Umuryango‎
  27. Inya Rwanda
  28. Umuseke‎
  29. ‎IGIHE

Best & Top News Site Globally

This is the list of the best news online platforms. some have newspapers and others are just existing online. Get the best world news today from these sites today.

  1. Voice of America (VOA)
  2. Yahoo! News
  3. Google News
  4. Nairobi News Now (Kenya)
  5. Al Arabiya
  6. South China Morning Post
  7. Al Jazeera
  8. New York Times
  9. Wall Street Journal
  10. HuffPost
  11. Washington Post
  12. Los Angeles Times
  13. Reuters
  14. ABC News
  15. USA Today
  16. Bloomberg Business
  17. NBC News
  18. Daily Mail (UK)
  19. Guardian
  20. The Sun
  21. Mirror
  22. Mirror
  23. BBC News
  24. Star
  25. Globe and Mail (Canada)
  26. Forbes
  27. CNBC
  28. China Daily
  29. Houston Chronicle
  30. New York Post
  31. U.S.News
  32. Deutsche Welle (DW) (Germany)
  33. Times of India
  34. The Hindu
  35. Indian Express
  36. Hindustan Times
  37. CBS NEWS
  38. TIME
  39. SFGATE
  40. The Hill

In an updated worldwide ranking by similar web, here is a list of the websites 50 websites . Their average Bounce rate and page/visit.

Top News Sites In The World

RankWebsiteCategoryChangeAvg. Visit DurationPages / VisitBounce Rate
1yahoo.comNews and Media=00:07:395.7135.30% and Media=00:09:246.8831.74%
3naver.comNews and Media=00:20:0413.2721.57%
4qq.comNews and Media=00:04:013.5544.96% and Media=00:06:244.3630.41%
6msn.comNews and Media=00:05:453.9154.82%
7globo.comNews and Media+100:04:092.3549.45% and Media-200:04:563.2147.19% and Media+100:06:273.5951.66%
10cnn.comNews and Media+100:03:011.9858.36%
11bbc.comNews and Media-100:02:412.0161.97% and Media=00:05:583.3836.43%
13nytimes.comNews and Media=00:02:492.1763.36%
14sohu.comNews and Media-100:02:033.0456.77% and Media-100:04:073.1661.16%
16livedoor.jpNews and Media-200:06:153.1144.73%
17theguardian.comNews and Media-100:03:322.5158.46% and Media-300:06:264.6850.20%
19foxnews.comNews and Media=00:07:153.0547.88% and Media-200:04:042.9556.35%
21turbopages.orgNews and Media-1500:01:414.1717.88%
22wp.plNews and Media=00:07:187.5228.84%
23indiatimes.comNews and Media-500:04:353.1258.90%
24bild.deNews and Media-600:04:273.1237.06%
25timesofindia.comNews and Media-900:00:122.049.91%
26onet.plNews and Media+100:06:435.0235.22% and Media-500:02:222.5261.49%
28163.comNews and Media-200:03:163.9641.23%
29infobae.comNews and Media-100:11:163.6854.14%
30kompas.comNews and Media+400:05:342.5057.23% and Media+300:04:245.1750.76%
32news.naver.comNews and Media=00:10:436.4232.20%
33sina.cnNews and Media+200:02:142.7246.74% and Media+500:06:214.5445.69%
35wejianzhan.comNews and Media=00:00:251.3789.38%
36t-online.deNews and Media-100:06:415.2536.10%
37ndtv.comNews and Media-400:02:132.0956.37%
38lenta.ruNews and Media-200:02:442.3458.57%
39livedoor.comNews and Media-300:04:593.5547.40%
40washingtonpost.comNews and Media+200:02:442.1961.02%
41detik.comNews and Media+300:05:252.8646.20% and Media-500:02:023.6742.43%
43tribunnews.comNews and Media+300:05:373.2338.47%
44repubblica.itNews and Media+100:08:153.6049.19%
45cnbc.comNews and Media+100:02:101.6674.49%
46ria.ruNews and Media-200:02:452.1862.52%
47interia.plNews and Media-200:06:385.7534.68%
48elpais.comNews and Media+300:06:012.2360.20%
49news18.comNews and Media-1500:01:592.7759.57%
50udn.comNews and Media-2200:03:202.4959.73%
Top sites ranking for News And Media in the world

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