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Temitope Balogun Joshua also Know as TB Joshua was born in 12th June 1963. TB Joshua was a Nigerian pastor , televangelist and a philanthropist. TB founded The Synagogue, a christian station that airs in Emmanuel TV in Lagos Nigeria, and also Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

TB Joshua was known throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. TB Joshua had over 3.5 million followers on Facebook , His YouTube channel had over 1 million subscribers and the most viewed Christian Ministry Platform before it got suspended this year.

TB Joshua

TB Joshua was regarded to as the “Oprah of Evangelism” and the most popular pastor. He was awarded the Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic Award(OFR) by the Government of Nigeria in 2008.

TB Joshua was voted one of the 50 most influential people by the Pan-African Magazines The Africa Report and the New African Magazine. In 2011, the Forbes stated that TB Joshua was the third-Richest pastor.

Very little is known of TB Joshua’s brothers, sisters and even his Parents.

The Government of Cameroon have blacklisted him stating TB Joshua was a controversial pastor.

TB Joshua
Mourners gather to celebrate TB Joshua

TB Joshua Unusual Birth

According to the official biography of TB Joshua, there were very weird circumstances surrounding his birth . He stated that he spent 15 months in his mothers womb and escaped death after an explosion from a quarry seven days after birth.

His birth was prophesied 100 years before his actual birth. But we can’t seem to wonder, did TB Joshua prophesy his death, or was it prophesied? That is a question we do not know ourselves.

Before he changed his name to Temitope , his original name was Balogun Francis . He attended an Anglican School in Arigidi Akoko in Nigeria between 1971 and 1977 . Other students there called him a “small pastor” because TB loved to read the Bible.

TB Joshua
TB Joshua and his Wifes Photos

The Synagogue (SCOAN) – Church of All Nations

Joshua wrote that he started SCOAN Church as a result of God’s revelation to him after he received an anointing to start SCOAN. The organization has over 15,000 followers who frequently attend the weekly service.

According to The Guardian Newspaper, SCOAN receives more visitors than the Tower of London and the Buckingham Palace. The organization has promoted to local business development.

Even with all this fame and visitors, TB Joshua did not expand his church beyond Ghana. He claimed that the time had not yet come and it would be too much him.

SCOAN Religious Tourism

SCOAN is known to be the ” biggest man made tourist attraction in Nigeria ” and the most visited tourist center in West Africa with millions attending SCOAN every year. This is the same place where people have gathered to mourn TB Joshua.

According to information disseminated by the Nigerian Immigration, one out of seven tourists in Nigeria travel to SCOAN. Each year, SCOAN receives approximately two million local and foreign tourists.

Church Relocation to Israel

During a service a Sunday service, TB Joshua highlighted that there was a Possibility of relocating SCOAN to Israel. This brought in statements from major politicians claiming that it would be bad for business.

It is still uncertain of the possibilities of that happening , now after TB Joshua has died.

TB Joshua Alleged Healing and Miracles

SCOAN has been claimed to be a pool of divine and supernatural miracles, Many Nigerians come to visit SCOAN to receive healing and Miracles. TB Joshua recorded various digital materials claiming he has healed incurable diseases.

Some of the Miracles diseases TB Joshua performed were: HIV/AIDS, cancer, blindness, and open wounds.

There was a huge controversy that happened when a father kidnapped her daughter Ese Oruru and tried to take her to TB Joshua for healing. One of Nigeria’s former politician was also involved in TB Joshua’s healing . Diezani Alison-Madueke visit to TB Joshua.

Tb Joshua – Healing Anointing Water

A huge number of people have come out to express their hearings through the “Anointed Water” that had been prayed for by Joshua. For those who were unable to attend, the healing water could do miracles.

People claimed that the so called water could protect them from deadly occurrences. Back 2013, four people lost their lives after a stampede as people were trying to get the anointed water that could bring in healing and miracles.

TB Joshua made claims that the water could even heal the widespread deadly disease Ebola. TB Joshua could send the healing water to the affected people with money tokens.

A Sierra Leonean politician claimed that the “Anointed water” helped stop Ebola distribution in the country.

Do you think this is possible. Let us know in the comments section below.

TB Joshua Alleged Exorcisms

SCOAN is well known for deliverance and exorcism . Some people were reported to do very weird things in the case of a South African lady who cried blood and man who started behaving like a dog. A young man delivered from homosexuality also brought in major concerns along the media.

After the deliverance was conducted, all the victims claimed that an evil spirit compelled them to do all sorts of bad things including drunkenness, prostitution, armed robbery and even Internet fraud.

TB Joshua Celebrity Deliverance

Here is the list of celebrity deliverance conducted by TB Joshua:

  1. Human Right Lawyer Kwabla Senanu (Ghana) – Spiritual Problem
  2. Musician Denise Williams (Ghana) – Drug addiction and Suicidal thoughts
  3. Nollywood actress Camilla Mberekpe (Nigeria) – Life Issues
  4. Nollywood Actor Jim Iyke (Nigeria) – Life issues
  5. Kenyan Olympic athlete Mercy Cherono – Marriage

TB Joshua YouTube Channel

The Nigeria Preacher TB Joshua had the most successful lives and had an influential plate. Before he died, the preachers YouTube Channel had been banned and suspended due to allegations of hate Speech.

In a complaint raised by an activist group, they stated that the preacher was conducting prayers to “cure” and heal gay people.

According to YouTube terms of service, it is against content that says that a person is mentally unstable, sick or in a lower carder because YouTube protects the memberships of people.

List of Criticism and Controversy in TB Joshua’s Ministry

  1. Relationships with pastors TB Joshua was openly rebuked by other pastors one of them being Pastor Chris Okotie who called him the “Son of the devil”. he was chased out of the Christian Association of Nigeria and Pentecostal Fellowship Of Nigeria .Matthew Ashimolowo , Paul Adefarasin , Ayo Oritsejafor, Enoch Adeboye, and David Oyedepo denounced him publicly.
  2. Blacklist in Cameroon He was stopped from getting to Cameroon After a huge debate that caused reactions among politicians and pastors in Cameroon.They called him the “Son of the devil” in Cameroon.
  3. Deaths in London In 2011, a report came up after three people died in London after they stopped taking the Anti-retro-viral drugs after an alleged healing from TB Joshua. SCOAN was immediately linked to the concerns which they denied, claiming that they do not urge anyone to stop taking their medications.
  4. Private jet It is claimed that on September 14th Joshua secretly bought a $60 million Gulf-stream Private Jet, the false claims were dispatched by TB Joshua personal Aide. He is known to have a Private Jet.
  5. Boko Haram Member Confession A confession in 2014 of an Islamic sect Boko Haram came in in March with plans to bomb the church . According to what the man said, it was TB Joshua’ s prayers that stopped the bombing. The clip went viral on YouTube, and was proven to be controversial. The Movement for Accountability and Good Governance called for investigations.
  6. Threat by a Muslim Cleric A famous Nigerian Leader Sheikh Hussaini Yusuf Mabera made threats to Bring TB Joshua in court for stating that Jesus Christ as God , which is true. Many people vowed to help TB Joshua in the case.
  7. Panama Documents In the Premium Times Newspaper, TB Joshua was dragged into owning a company called Chillion Consultancy Limited in the British Virgin Islands in 2006 . On the Expose , TB Joshua denied the claims stating he was not a business man and what God had given him was enough.
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TB Joshua’s Books

  1. The Mirror
  2. The Step Between You and The Cure
  3. Daily Time With God
  4. What the Future Holds
  5. Astounding Miracles of God: At the Synagogue (2017).
  6. The Wicked Ordinances (2019).
  7. 450 Fire For Fire Prayers For Difficult Situations (2020).
  8. FERVENT Praying Dangerous Prayers Against Stubborn CASE (2020
  9. How to Cast Out Demons and Evil Spirit (2020)
  10. Deliverance From Marine Spirit Influence & Spirit Spouse & Children (2020).
  11. The Eyes Of Darkness 2 (2020)

TB Joshua Website

As people traveled across the world, TB Joshua made sure people could access his sermons online TB Joshua never had a personal website although the well known Organization website is Scoan.org

TB Joshua’s Daughter Marriage

The daughter of TB Joshua Sarah Joshua got married last month on May 8th 2021 by her husband Brian Moshi in a catholic ceremony in Arusha, it was later followed by a grand reception at the Arusha International Conference Center .

This was a third ceremony conducted after they first got engaged in Nigeria Pentecostal Church and later in Dubai.

According to Festus Mangwangi before the marriage was solemnized, they signed off an agreement. Brian Moshi is Sarah Joshua’s Husband and is a catholic, that is why they conducted the wedding in a catholic hall.

In present was TB Joshua’s wife Evelyn Joshua and relatives from Nigeria. Here are the photos of TB Joshua wedding.

TB Joshua Personal Phone Numbers/Contact Not +2348114234645

It is highly unusual that such a well renown person would have his phone number out on social media. However, T.B Joshua’s Numbers were(As outlined in TB Joshua SCOAN Website):

+234 (0) 8087492279 +234 (0) 8087492226 +234 (0) 8087492221 +234 (0) 7031265599 +234 (0) 7031307311 +234 (0) 8088096917 +234 (0) 7038616677 +234 (0) 7031265046 +234 (0) 8034147340 +234 (0) 8033730650.

To get more information, you could reach out to TB Joshua website https://www.scoan.org/contact/

T.B Joshua’s Wealth

According to a survey conducted by the Forbes in 2011, T.B Joshua was the third-richest pastor in Nigeria. T.B Joshua’s Net Worth is $10 million to $15 million. According to a statement on Facebook, his manager stated that God has taken his servant home.

His major source of wealth came from his Ministries. As Provided by God. This is what Tb Joshua claimed.

T.B Joshua’s Wife – Evelyn Joshua

Joshua got married to Evelyn Joshua in 1990. Evelyn is a mother of three and is also a minister in SCOAN .

Evelyn Joshua and TB Joshua were happily married. In an Interview with the Nigerian Media, TB Joshua proposed to Evelyn 45 minutes after they met. It was a love story at first sight.

Describing his husband, Evelyn stated that TB Joshua was a very caring man and a good family man and would like his children to be like him.

“I have a wife, and I have children. My first daughter is doing her PhD and my second daughter is doing her master’s degree. In all, I have three daughters.

The last one is still in secondary school. I would have loved my wife to be like me, but I cannot make her what I am; it is God. I can’t anoint her; God is the one that anoints people, ” TB Joshua said.

TB Joshua’s Children

  1. One of the daughters tied the knot on May 8, 2021 Serah Joshua with his Tanzanian Husband Brian Moshi.
  2. The couples Second Child is doing her masters degree – Promise Joshua
  3. TB Joshua’s other daughter is pursuing her masters degree.

It is important to note that TB Joshua had no Son.

TB Joshua Cause of Death

The famous Televangelist who founded the most famous Megachurch died in Lagos from an Undisclosed and unknown cause, this was from a statement from his Church.

TB Joshua’s death was announced on Facebook. He died in his house at years old at the time of his death.

Before his death, he had led a TV program in his mega church on Saturday. He died on 5 th June 2021.

Evelyn went to social media and posted that she is not fit to question Gods own choice. Evelyn Joshua turned to God and stated that it was only Him who could take away his sorrows. TB Joshua’s last words were.

“Watch and Pray”

Mourners have made camp at the synagogue. President Buhari also sent his condolences to TB Joshua’s Family.

TB Joshua
President Buhari Sends Condolence message to TB Joshua’s Family

TB Joshua Prophesy 2021

It is not clear whether the pastor prophesied his own death this year, what we are sure of, it that he felt a premonition he would die in 2021.

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