Nyota Ndogo Biography – Excitement About Husband

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Mwanaisha Abdalla aka Nyota Ndogo Watu na viatu singer has shared her excitement after husband Henning Nielsen replied to her messages , Nyota Ndogo shared her screenshots claiming that Nyota Ndogo still loves her.

In the past few weeks Nyota Ndogo’s has been on all social media platforms trying to apologies to husband. The watu na viatu hit-maker was recalling about how she was mocked at their wedding day.

Nyota Ndogo – Who is She?

Nyota Ndogo’s real name is Mwanaisha Abdalla born in 1981. Nyota Ndogo is a pop musician Nairobi, Kenya who is a performer of Taarab too.

Nyota Ndogo was born in the interior parts of Mombasa , according to the stories she shares, Nyota Ndogo was a school dropout and labored as a house help .

Nyota Ndogo’s parents

Nyota Ndogo’s fathers name is Abdala Atib and little is known about her mother. Her father was a musician at a local band.

Nyota Ndogo became inspired by the fact that her father was also a musician too.

She realized her singing talent through a band called  K-South‘s. She did her first song with a mombasa producer Andrew Burchel.

Nyota Ndogo
Nyota Ndogo and husband Henning Nielsen

Nyota Ndogo’s Albums/Songs

Nyota Ndogo has released four albums namely: Mama Wakambo,Nimetoka Mbali Mpenzi and Chereko.

Nyota Ndogo has won Kisima Awards for best Taarab singer in 2003, best female singer in 2005, she also maintained 3 nominations for Kisima Awards.

She received nominations for best Kenyan female artist in the 2007 PAM awards .

Watu na Viatu Song

The song watu na viatu was nominated for the best East African song in Tanzania Music Awards in 2007. “Take Care” song received recognition in International World 2003 compilation album, “Chereko” featured in the guide of music of Kenya Compilation.

Musical Collaboration

Mwanaisha Abdalla has collaborated with Nonini on the song Nibebe , Nyota Ndogo has also collaborated with Necessary Noize on the track Nataka Toa . Her other collaborations she has done with Ally B a song that became a hit in East Africa.

Q Chilla and Mr Blue both Tanzanian Artistes. After the collaborations she was invited to perform at the Kilimanjaro awards; which attracted another collaboration with Bobby Mapesa in a track called Nawachanganya.

Nyota Ndogo has represented Kenya in several festivals in East Africa including Sauti za busara in Zanzibar. She has represented East Africa and in Germany, Dubai and South Africa. Nyota Ndogo has also worked in Baraka FM based in Mombasa Kenya.

Ndogo has also been a judge in East Africa Tusker Project Fame . It was in this same year Nyota Ndogo received the Best Coast Female of the year Award in 2013.

Her biggest son was “Watu na Viatu”, Nyota Ndogo has a new single she released early last year called ‘Je Wewe’ that has been well accepted in Kenya.

Nyota Ndogo – Marriage, Wedding / Husband

Nyota Ndogo is married to Henning Nielsen, she got married in May 2016. Their marriage seemed to be going on well until she pranked her husband that she was pregnant. Soon after, her husband started blu-ticking her on social media platforms.

They have not spoken since April fools day.

She was unable to hid her joy after her mzungu replied to her on a WhatsApp message that read.

” Jamani amkeni Leo nakesha nimeblue tikiwa na nikaitwa wife amenimiss jamani amkeni.

Nimeshindwa lakujibu naanzaje kujibu jamani silali Leo ntaangalia tu huu ujumbe…… Yenyewe mume wangu nilimsave sabuni Ya Moyo wangu. Weuweeeeeeeeeee amerudi but nianze kwa kumuuliza nini? Tena picha yangu bado ni profile yake.

(“Wake up guys, He has referred to me as his wife and said he missed me. I do not even know what to say. I cannot even find sleep. And he still has my photo as his profile picture.”)

Nyota Ndogo – Age

Nyota Ndogo is 40 years old.

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