Penguins Pun – Who is the penguin’s favorite Aunt?

Penguins are flightless aquatic birds . Where do penguins live? Penguins live deep down the Southern Hemisphere. They are used to life in water . Penguins use flippers for swimming.

Penguin Movies include:

1. Penguins of Madagascar

2. Tux

3. Tuxedo Sam

4. Tip

5. Pingu

6. Pororo the Little Penguin

7. Tennessee Tuxedo

8. Wheezy

9. Playboy Penguin

10. Pen


Penguin Pun – Who is the penguin’s favorite Aunt?

Penguins Facts

1. A group of penguins together are called raft but if many Penguins are on land they are refereed to as a waddle.

2. Penguins may gather together to keep each other warm.

3. Penguins may have not originally be swimmers, they may have evolved to swim

4. Penguins feathers help them in swimming

5. Penguins can live in multiple habitats

6. Penguins do not live close to polar bears

7. Penguins can walk very long distances

8. Male penguins are romantic – They give them rocks as nests.

9. According to experts, a Penguin is the most streamlined animal in the world.

10. The black and white “tuxedo” are good at camouflage.

Unique names you didn’t know about groups of Penguins

Rookery, colony, and huddle.


Penguin Pun – Who is the penguin’s favorite Aunt?

Who is the penguins favorite Aunt? Aunt-Arctica!

Penguins Pun of the Day

Who is Penguins favourite family member? Aunt Arctica.

What do you call a penguin enjoying the sun in the desert? Lost

Where do penguins take their vacations? At the South Pool.

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