Opibus Africa’s First Electric Vehicle Conversion Company

Opibus, Electric is here

According to the Nairobi News Now Research, Opibus might be the best Electric conversion company in Africa. According to the reviews on their website, Individuals are fascinated by the fact that there is an electric conversion plant in Nairobi, Kenya.

Opibus, a Nairobi-based startup, is building an ecosystem to make electric mobility more accessible to everyone, not just a select few.

Opibus Africa’s First Electric Vehicle Conversion Company

Opibus – The Company

Founded in 2017, Opibus used the safari and tourism industry to anchor its business, initially focusing on converting off-road safari and game drive vehicles to electric using its proprietary vehicle drive-train.

The Opibus team is very enthusiastic about the electric vehicle conversion business and they see it as the most resource-efficient way to accelerate the transition from low capital intensive to electromobility.

There are many thousands of old ICE vehicles on the continent with chassis and bodies in very good condition, making them ideal for conversion.

Conversion Package

Opibus has a conversion package for some types of vehicles in the game drive and road f-market using a battery pack made with prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells.

These two batteries come in pack sizes, depending on the vehicle, terrain and driving style, with a range of 90km and 140km, respectively. There are 38 KWH and 58 KWH packs with a range of up to.

Kenya has set an ambitious target of 5% of registered vehicles being electric by 2025. A critical group of people with the knowledge and skills to design, manufacture and assemble electric vehicles will be needed to support the entire ecosystem.

OPibus Mission

Opibus is on a mission to play a leading role in the field and has formed a team of more than 70 people in Nairobi. 40% of the Opibus team are women working in organization formation including engineering, operations and management positions.

Opibus also places great emphasis on the localization of a significant portion of the components going into its vehicles.

Opibus offers an electric car conversion kit here in Kenya. The Opibus electric Motorcycles is designed for the African roads , it is cost efficient, low service maintenance and no emissions.

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