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Microsoft’s internet explorer lagged behind in innovation. As a result, it was infested by bugs, security problems and outdated technology. According to New York (CNN Business), Microsoft announced this last week that it would end support for Internet Explorer 11 on June 15,2022.

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End of the journey Microsoft Internet Explorer

In 1995 Internet Explorer made its first appearance as part of Windows 95. It became popular instantly, killing off Netscape Navigator and became a monopoly from year 2000. In 2002 it had 95% share in the browser market.

In August 2020, Microsoft failed to use Internet Explorer for its own products such as workplace chat software-Teams and its 365 apps.

Microsoft said that Internet Explorer is slow, no longer practical for or compatible with many modern web tasks and is far less secure than modern browsers. Microsoft has burnt the midnight oil to salvage its once loved browser. In 2006, Microsoft (MSFT) released IE7 however it did not work out. This then paved way for Fire fox and then Chrome to surpass it.

In 2011, Microsoft released a modern browser Internet Explorer 9. This IE failed since it did not support extensions and was not available on non-windows devices. It also did not sync with other devices by default.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s internet Explorer engineers admitted that the company was considering a name change to detached themselves from the negative perceptions concerning Internet Explorer. This was during an “Ask Me Any” chat on Reddit in 2014 according to CNN.

Instead of changing the name, Microsoft developed a whole new browser, Microsoft Edge in 2015. This did not actually replace Internet Explorer since to date, it is still pre-installed on Windows PCs alongside Edge.

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Microsoft Edge logo

BBC News mentioned that, In a blog, Microsoft Edge program manager Sean Lyndersay wrote that the newer browser was “a faster, more secure and more modern browsing experience”, and was also now better able to handle older applications.

BBC News also noted that the tech giant was also tinkering with another bit of history: in April this year it announced that it is planning to change its default font, which has been Calibri across all of its products since 2007.

Users are invited to vote on their favorite from five contenders, the most popular will form its new look.

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