Boris Johnson Wedding and Love While in office

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds

United Kingdom Prime Minister-Boris Johnson marries conservationist Carrie Symonds. This was during a secret ceremony at Westminster Cathedral in London.

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Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds after their ceremony (courtesy)

The couple had announced that they were engaged to be married in February 2020. This is Johnson’s third marriage.   Johnson, 56, has four children with Marina Wheeler. Marina Wheeler was his second wife who split after 25 years of marriage.  

Symonds, 33, is a conservationist who was working as part of the campaign team that helped to get Johnson re-elected as mayor of London in 2012.

According to The Sun the wedding took place at 2pm. Symonds entered the main west door in a limo. She wore a flowing white dress with no veil.

Johnson’s wedding has made history in the UK. He is the first PM to get married while in office in almost 200 years.

Boris Johnson . Credit: TIM STEWART

The Mail on Sunday reported that 30 guests were invited to the ceremony at short notice. This is the maximum number of attendees allowed under Covid restrictions in England. The ceremony was officiated by Father Daniel Humphreys, it said.

Carrie Symonds reportedly grew close to Boris Johnson in 2018 when he was then Foreign Secretary.

Boris Johnson Wedding,Credit: PA

Their Relationship History

  • In 2018, Boris Johnson was Foreign Secretary. It is reported that they grow close. Marina Wheeler, his second wife then filed a divorce.
  • In July 2019, Boris became PM. They both moved into 10 Downing Street
  • In August 16 2019, Symonds made her first public appearance when she addressed an enormous climate crisis.
  • In February 29 2020, the couple announced they were engaged and pregnant with their firstborn.
  • April 29 2020, Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson was born at University College Hospital in London.
  • In May 30 2021, the couple gets married.This is Symonds’s first wedding whereas the third for Boris Johnson

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