9 Masaai Men Force Themselves on a Woman


A 41-year-old woman is currently receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania this morning that was reportedly attacked by a group of Masai men who forced themselves on her.

According to reports from the woman whose name is hidden for security purposes, she revealed that her husband had just gotten a job and was advised by her new boss to report early in the morning.

9 Masai men force themselves on a woman

For this reason, her husband woke up early in the morning in an effort to work on time and by doing so the woman reported that she was escorting her husband and wishing him all the best because he has long been unemployed.

Their celebration was shortened after they came around a group of alleged men, who claimed they both attacked immediately and after pressing her husband, they decided to put pressure on her, after which they fled the crime. Scene.

They were rescued by some residents after they were found unconscious on the roads before heading to a nearby hospital where they are receiving medical treatment.

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