Embarambamba Caught in a Night Club Dancing With Women and Men

Ezekiel Mutua, boss of Kenya Films and Classification (KFCB), has warned Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma, a popular artist, about his dance moves, known as Embarambamba.
In a conciliatory situation, he went viral on social media after a viral video of him dancing with a woman, dispelling Kenyan sentiments.

Embarambamba Dancing in a night club
Emabrambamaba Dancing in a night club
Embarambamba Dancing in a night club

In a message he shared on his social media handle, he said moral confrontation; “Embarambamba … it’s overall you’ve crossed the line!”

Embarambamba in a club

In the video, which went viral on social media, Embarambamba was caught performing a song on top of a woman, which provoked strong reactions from the people of Kenya.

It is not clear where Embarambamba was performing from but reports claim he was at the club.
Many Kenyans who attended Mutua’s comment section had mixed reactions to the incident.
A social media user named Edward Jamal wrote: “You don’t look bad yet in what happens in our club, especially in clubs. He has done nothing.”


Simba Joseph said on her behalf, “Embarambamba presented an item from a club where, when the women were dancing, she was not in church. He was targeting his audience at the club. ”

Embarambamba dancing rogue
EMbarambamba in Southern Bypass

Why Dance in Mud

The rogue theatrics maniac, rolls in Mud to express his talent to his maker, and because of poverty

Jimmy Daddy said: “This is nothing more than a pastor’s preoccupation with the” twa twa “teaching in the church that this is a scene after a” twa twa “audio .

Should Embarambamba be Arrested?

Gospel singer Embarambamba was seen lifting men and women in a night club while women danced naked. Embarambamba was caught on camera after he went rogue. He was Caught jumping on a lady in a night club

Controversial Kisi gospel singer Christopher Mosioma aka Embarambamba stunned her fans over the weekend after pulling a crazy stunt with a female fan in a nightclub.

The video, which has gone viral and garnered many reactions, shows the singer performing a song before inviting a middle-aged woman on stage.
He then makes hilarious and dramatic moves for which he is best known.
The video is here.

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