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News in Kenya is evolving at a high rate, almost half of searches done online in Nairobi Today are about breaking news happening all over Africa and worldwide.

Top 18 News Sites Right Now in Nairobi 2020/2021
Top 18 News Sites Right Now in Nairobi 2020/2021

How many News articles are published online every day? 

Today, more than 2 million articles are published daily on the web. this is according to MarketingProfs. In Nairobi however, there are more than 50,000 registered bloggers according to Bake. Most Kenyans now have access to mobile phones and good internet. 

How much does it cost to start a News blog in Kenya?

If you want to start a blog in Kenya, you do not need a dime. A good blog can cost you a minimum of Ksh 20,000 to 30,000. According to Business, Daily Kenya ranks third among the highest-paid bloggers. 

Top 18 News Sites Right Now in Nairobi 2020/2021
Top 18 News Sites Right Now in Nairobi 2020/2021

Who are the 5 richest News Bloggers in Kenya? 

Amazingly, some of the bloggers in Kenya have the Top news platforms in the country.

Here is a list of Kenya’s best bloggers and their news websites. This list is not only limited to Nairobian News or Breaking News sites like Tuko or Nairobi News Now, it comprises Sports bloggers, fashion bloggers, Technology bloggers, Entertainment and Fashion bloggers. 

  1. Eagle Wachuka – founder of
  2. Timothy Obare Rioba – founder of
  3. Samuel Majani – founder
  4. Robert Alai – founder
  5. Cyprian Nyakundi- founder

 The news industry has been dominated by both freelancers and organizations. Here are the top 20 Sites Selection of newspapers and online news in Kenya – newspapers, business news, entertainment, TV stations, and portals for the latest Nairobi news.

Top 18 Kenya sites Today

  1. Nairobi News Now
  2. Daily Nation
  3. Standard Media
  4. The Star
  5. Business Daily
  6. Kenyan Daily Post
  7. Ghafla!
  8. Nairobi Wire
  9. The East African
  10. Kenya Today
  11. Kenya Buzz
  14. Jambonewspot
  15. Coastweek
  16. Nation Africa 
  17. Tuko News
  18. Capital Fm

If you are a new blogger and your news site has not been featured with us, please contact us or call. 0773514332 for any queries and clarifications.

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