Samantha Lewes: Tom Hanks’ Divorce and Death Cause

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Samantha Lewes – how much do you know about Tom Hanks first wife? Samantha Lewes was the first wife of actor Tom Hanks before he married Rita Wilson. Samantha Lewes was a talented actress who amazed his fans with her beauty and brains.

She was not too much into the limelight but had achieved her personal goals the right way.
Besides being a well-renowned actor, she occupied the screens with her sitcoms. She was a California native and was lucky to land roles with her ex-husband, Tom Hanks.

Samantha Lewes
Image: Getty images Samantha Lewes

Who is Samantha Lewes?

Samantha Lewes’s real name was Susan Jane Dillingham born on November 29th, 1952 her parents were John Raymond Dillingham and Harriet Hall Dillingham in San Diego. She was very private in her life and little is known of her childhood.
Samantha Lewes’s mother Harriet Hall Dillingham was an English teacher. She spent close to a year as an exchange teacher in England.
Her father John Raymond Dillingham, was a U.S Marine who fought through the Korean War, Vietnam War, and WW2 for 26 years. John Raymond Dillingham received a Silver a purple heart award for his long service.
Due to her parent’s separation, her mother was brought up by her mother and had to travel all across Virginia, Florida, California, and Hawaii.
Samantha Lewes was actor Tom Hanks ex-wife.
They got 2 children Colins Hanks in the year 1977 and Elizabeth Hanks during her marriage to Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes were friends since college when Samantha was 25 and Tom was 21 years old.


Samantha Lewes started her acting career. She appeared in ABC sitcom Bosom Buddies in 1981. The movie became a huge success 3 years later. Samantha was quite telegenic and she wowed her fans with just a simple smile. She had stunning photogenic capabilities evident even in her photos. Samantha Lewes’s photos are mesmerizing up to date.

Her Divorce Story

Her marriage to Tom Hanks was officiated in 1979. after a misunderstanding, they began living separately, this was some of their significant reasons that caused their separations.
In 1987 Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes got divorced. According to Tom Hanks statement, the divorce was caused by marriage at a young age, backed by a lot of responsibility.

Samantha Lewes
Image: Getty Images Samantha Lewes

How Did Samantha Lewes Die, cause of death?

Tom Hanks Ex-wife Samantha Lewes cause of death was bone cancer which was noticed during a periodic check-up. She only had a few months to live since it had spread to her lungs and brains.

She was downtrodden by her health since not even doctors could manage her pain. Samantha Lewes passed away on March 12, 2002, in Sacramento, California at 49 years. Tom Hanks was deeply hurt by her death since she could care for her kids despite their divorce.

The former actress Samantha Lewes is gone, but her memories live on. She was a good mother. Her good work continues even after her demise.

Samantha Lewes

Samantha Lewes funeral

Samantha Lewes was laid to rest in her hometown Sacramento, California. Her funeral was only attended by industry players and loved ones.
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