Akothee Critically Ill After Visiting Multi-million Mansion



The famous Akothee is in critical condition after she visited her home in Rongo. Akothee’s house in Rongo is worth Over $80 million. She is arguably the richest female celebrity in Kenya. Akothee’s house composes of a Jacuzzi and bathtub. She lives like the high-end politicians in the country. Akothee’s net worth in 2020/2021 is approximately $1 Million – $5 Million.Akothee

What is Akothee Suffering from? According to a sarcastic statement, Akothee made back in 2020, she claims she is suffering a disease of “Being too nice”. However, this time round she is not suffering from being too kind. It is true the Philanthropic artist is very sick. Her band communicated the status of health through social media on May 21, 2021.

According to her social media post, her team stated it was nothing serious, however, the local man thinks that it is a very serious condition since she did not say that herself. The team said Akothee needed rest. “Akothee not feeling well. Give us a few days to recover. We shall be back like we never left. Nothing serious, she is just tired, and the brain needs rest,” the message stated.Akothee

Here are the reactions made by fans to wish her well. @lucy_idoko: “Hugs and prayers.” @joyhouseholds: “Quick recovery Madam Boss.” @marzukusaida: “Get well soon, boss!” @yobby_yodel: “We miss her already.” @mbatharedemter: “Get some rest, mama.” @kelvin.killer: “Quick recovery, our queen.” @hasifahheart: “Get well soon, my diva.”

The Burnout

Akothee’s sickness comes at a surprise days after she stated she suffered a burnout after visiting her upcountry’s mansion in Rongo, Kisumu county. She urges her managers to claim they should stay away from his mansion, also called Rongo spa. “I am exhausted. Energy burnout is the worst experience.Akothee

The managers for my companies should give me three days without calling me, or else you might lose me too,” Akothee made a plead. She revealed that she suffered panic attacks and depression between 2017 and 2018 brought about by toxic relationships. I was in toxic relationships with toxic people; too many people around me who needed me more than I needed them,” she said.

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