Fundraising Con Woman Jailed Faking Cancer

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Ashley Anne Kirilow, 34 is the Fundraising con Woman who faked cancer to defraud sympathetic donors and spent it on drugs. Ashley is a Canadian citizen. Immediately her story was aired, it went viral all around the world.

After she was publicized, Many people were warned about the dangers of online fundraising campaigns.

The fake cancer con medical condition

In 2008/2009, Ashley Anne Kirilow realized she had a lump in her breast, after a biopsy test, it was discovered it was benign. She began telling people it was Cancer. According to a psychiatry professor, the lies in Anne Kirilow were a sign she was having Münchausen Syndrome by the internet. Anne was suspected to be mentally ill.

She was sentenced to in April 2011.

Her fake cancer legal status

Anne Kirilow had received charges with several counts of fraud, with one over $5000 and some of her supporters received death threats. In November 2010, Ashley admitted that she had defrauded Donna Michalowski who had raised over $7,400 for her cancer treatment.

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According to Ashley Anne’s father, he did not believe of his daughter’s claims since she never gave details about her treatment. Anne surrendered to the police on August 6, 2010.

The fundraising con woman Ashley Anne Kirilow appeared several times in court , nobody wanted to place bail on her for most of her friends were angry and tired. Her father had a soft spot for her and posted $5000 as bail.

Fundraising Activity

Ashley Anne Kirilow had a Facebook page for charity called “ Change for the Cure”. She showed up in benefit concerts she organized.

Concerns grew of her fraud, and the effects it would have on another online fundraising. After a confrontation on why she pretended to have cancer, she explained that what she did was because she wanted her family to pay for her unhappy childhood.

Ashley explained that her parents were drug addicts and disowned her. From all the funds she solicited, Ashley Anne Kirilow accepted a vacation to Disney world from a charity that sponsored visits to people with risks of dying.

Rob Dyer’s organization Skate4Cancer financed Kirilow’s trip. After her conditional parole was revoked, she received 30 years in jail. What do you think of emerging fake cancer pretenses? Let us know below. Share and like

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