I Gave My Child Non Alcohol Cider To School But They Sent Her Home


Should children drink Alcohol?

Children should not drink alcohol until they are 18 years. Alcohol use for children results in a wide range of both health and social problems.

What is the appropriate age to drink alcohol?

The minimum age to drinking alcohol should be 15 years. In Kenya, it is unlawful to drink alcohol until 18 years, this is according to NACADA.

What happens if a child drinks Alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is known to damage a child’s health even if they are 15 years. If a child drinks Alcohol, it affects the development of vital organs and body functions like the brain, liver, and bones. The social effects of child alcoholism are that it affects their social behaviors resulting in fornication, violence, pregnancy, drug abuse, and drunk driving.

What do you do if a child drinks alcohol?

One of the dangers of alcohol is that even the smallest amount can cause poisoning to children. This results in serious illness and can at times lead to death. If a child accidentally swallows alcohol, take the child to the hospital, this may cost you but it is important to visit a specialist. How do you know if a child has consumed alcohol? First, the child is drowsy and mentally confused, with rapid vomiting, and blabbering. Alcohol poses numerous risks to children. Keep alcohol away from your child.alo2

A mom took to social media to lament that her child has been sent away from school. This was because she packed her daughter’s food with non-alcoholic Cider. By her statements, this did not puzzle her, according to her Twitter handle @MissGU_ she could not understand what she did wrong. Alcohol

She explained she had no juice so she decides to pack her Drink. The Twitter user admonished her poor parenting activities. One user described that her first problem was not realizing the wrong habit she was instilling in her child. Others claimed that the child must have been adopted. What do you think of the read? Let us know below. Subscribe to our newsletter and get news in your inbox. Share and Like

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Questions answered in the article: Should a child drink alcohol in Kenya? What to do if a child drinks alcohol? What Happens if a child drinks Alcohol? What is the appropriate age to drink alcohol?

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