Free Design Tools For a Catchy Blog Without Help From a Designer

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A visually poor blog will make your audience run a way from your content no matter the quality. Enticing words are not enough to grab the attention or persuade your audience minus the images.

A few years ago, visual content emerged as a powerful tool in boositng marketing efforts for brands across social media platforms. A human being is a visual creature, its brain processes visual information much faster. Imagine the brain takes as little as 13 milliseconds to idenify images.According to research, tweets that include images receive 150% more retweets that those that don’t have.

Including the right images in your blogs is a costly affair since an experienced graphic designer may be hired. But don’t fret if you cannot afford since you can create custom images for your blog on your own without breaking your budget. Graphic Designers are not available for free but some blog image creation tools are!

Design Tools


This a powerful tool that allows you to design images for your blog post for free. It is easy to use, even non-designers can design images without much hassle. This tool provides professional layouts, hundreds of fonts, photo filters, the drag and drop feature and so much more. This too is for free however if you need advance functionalities you will have to purchase its paid version i.e. Canva for Work

canva 2
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It a free tool, cross-platform image editor tool that offers perfect compatibility with Windows, OS X, GNU/LINUX, and other operating systems. In addition it provides third-party plugins, customization options, and other graphics design elements for a creative touch to your images. You can convert them also to unique creations.



It is an advance photo editing tool powered by Artificial Intelligence. It has both free and paid versions. The free version provides you with a limited set of overlays and stickers, basic editing tools, and access to Pixlr X and E. This tool supports all types of images, be it SVG, WebP, PNG, JPEG,PXD, etc.

pxlr 1
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With this tool, you can create graphs, charts, infographics, animated GIFs, etc. for your blog to make it more interactive and engaging.  It also provides an easy access to more than 1.5Million high quality stock of photos.

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The platforms provides more than 400,000 free stock photos under its license. These photos are contributed by global creatives, including professionals, amateur photo hobbyists, etc.

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This platform lets creatives share their copyright-free images. It has more than 1.8M high quality videos and stock images. It is good to note that since these images are licensed you need to ask for permission to use them or give credit to the artist.

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Public Domain Pictures

This has a repository of high-quality, copyright-free stock images for your blogs under the CCO ( Creative Commons) License.

public domain

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