Meet This Man Who Has Never Taken A Bath For 60 Years And He Enjoys Smoking Animal Droppings.

amou haji

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This is the story of Amou Haji 2021 the world’s dirtiest man. Is Amou Haji still alive? Yes he is still alive

Sometimes we think some things are too obvious and decide to take them for granted, we take the small things in life like water, food, shoes, and even our own bodies, and taking a shower every day is nothing but usual. For this Iranian man, he has not bathed or taken a shower in over 60 years. He states that being clean makes him sick.

Amou Haji lives a bit far from what we know as normal, Amou Haji is 83 years old now and all things seem to be working well for him. He enjoys smoking animal droppings and his main diet is dead animals and mostly rotten porcupine meat. His most prized possession is his Steel pipe that he smokes animal droppings with.

He is quite familiar with his surroundings. He lives in a village in Iran, in the far province of the city. He loves to smoke but only that he takes all the cigarettes together. Haji says that the emotional struggles in his life have made him to live as he does in his early teenage life.

world's dirtiest man
image : Courtesy

He never uses scissors to cut his hair, instead, he burns off his hair with fire and trims it to his desired size. He lives a dirty and really simple life. If any normal human tried these things, he would get sick very fast.

Haji is one exceptional man and one of a kind. His peaceful life suits him perfectly. What do you think of the story? Let us know in the comments section below. If you loved the read, Kindly Share, Follow, and Like to get more awesome content.

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