Unbelievable! BBI is Null and Void

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It is a dark night in the waters of the BBI.BBI has been on the top of news for the longest. It has broken bridges if not building bridges. Relationships have been broken by it whereas others reinforced.

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It is a night of shock to many Kenyans as the results are not as they were anticipated.

Just like the weather has been hammering tongs, the judges have hammered the BBI. Below are the reasons why it has been declared null and void by the judges;

President, government Or any state organ has no mandate to initiate a popular initiative to amend the constitution

The Constitution of Kenya(Amendment) 2020 was the president’s initiative

BBI steering committee was unconstitutional

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Adequate copies of the Bill were not disseminated to the public by the steering committee

It was the obligation of IEBC to ensure that there was public participation

The president went beyond his powers by proposing amendments outside his obligation

Amendments in the Constitution Bill should be subjected to a referendum and voted separately.

There is no evidence BBI committee used public funds however this can be audited by the Auditor General.

Distribution of constituencies by the BBI bill is unconstitutional.

BBI Bill was structured and conducted in a questionable manner and there would not produce anything .

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