Meet the Nairobi Couple Who Got Married 3 Days After They Met on Tinder

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What is dating in a relationship? Do we have Dating sites in Kenya? What are the Best Dating Apps in Kenya?
Dating is a period dedicated to by couples before they officially get married. Dating can however be virtual or physical. Dating is mostly practiced in Western societies. Dating means a boyfriend or a girlfriend. The purpose of dating is mostly enjoying romance and getting to know your partner.

Pauline is a lucky woman who is happily married to Godfrey Mwakazi who he met in a Dating app in Kenya called Tinder. They met six years ago and their love is still as strong. Pauline was engaged to a mzungu before she met Mwakazi. The reason they parted ways was that the fiancee could drink a lot and was violent towards her. After downloading the Tinder app, Mwakazi got lucky and met five ladies whom he liked. She focused on Pauline and after several days of chatting, they decided to meet up and talk. Mwakazi was already settled and had several cars in his collection. However, Pauline made it clear he was not after his money. After the day together, they knew that they were a perfect fit. Three days later, they got married. What do you think of the story? Let us know in the comments section below. Follow, like, and share

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