Man Dies of a Heart Attack While Dancing at an Event (Video)

When dancing, music, coordination, and a sense of rhythm are added to the movement, so the body is holistically challenged and works at full speed. You also have to remember sequences of movements and be able to repeat them in the right place. That keeps you young, vital, and fit, regardless of age. However, a man in Nigeria has died in a traditional ceremony abruptly after dancing. In a video trending around social media, the man is in his late 50’s and is seen dancing and getting cheered up by fans in cultural dance.

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The fun reached its peak when the man suddenly fell; in the beginning, the guests assumed it was a stunt he pulled. He was later attended to and taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival it is believed he died of a heart attack. Full video here. what do you think of the story? Love the read? Please follow, like, and share.

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