The Story of Allan Wasonga KCSE Second Best Student – “ I Studied in the Toilet to Allow Mom to Sleep”

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Wasonga Allan Udoma was declared as the second-best student nationally in last year’s KSCE. With his determination to pass, the Agoro Sare High School student scored an A plain with 87.173 points, He recalls he would sleep in a toilet to allow his mother to sleep. Speaking to our Journalists yesterday, Wasonga disclosed his concentration was mostly high at night and his mother would constantly complain the night lights would distract her from sleep.

“My mother wanted to sleep, she was complaining about the light and my concentration is high at night. So I just went to the toilet, put on the light and I would read there sometimes,” said Wasonga.

The Online Class Era

Kenyan schools were closed last year in March as a result of the pandemic. The Ministry of education urged schools to adopt online classes. This was a challenge for most people. Wasonga was disadvantaged due to internet issues. Consequently, he spent sleepless nights when schools resumed to catch up with fellow learners.

He used to study up to 1.30 am in the dormitory, at times he could sleep as late as 3:30 and sleeping for just 30 minutes to wake up to a normal school program. The School champion wants to study medicine and specialize in neurosurgery.

Source: Tuko

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